How To Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable

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If you're a gamer, you know how important it is to have a comfortable gaming chair. Almost all gaming chairs are generally intended to be comfortable to prevent pain or discomfort while gaming.

Although, after prolonged usage of these gaming chairs for a longer period of playing per time, you may begin to experience discomfort and pain. At this point, your gaming chair begins to bother you.

You are now thinking of replacing it or thinking of how to solve the discomfort problems. So instead of getting another gaming chair, why not consider trying to make your gaming chairs more comfortable to improve your gaming experience?

In this article, I will be sharing with you some helpful ways that will show you how to make your gaming chair more comfortable. Do enjoy an informative read.

Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable

Why is My Gaming Chair Uncomfortable?

The feeling of discomfort, in the beginning, while using a gaming chair arises due to the simple reason of your body not being accustomed to sitting with a correct body posture on the chair. Here are four reasons why your gaming chair might be uncomfortable for you.

1. Prolonged Usage

Most gaming seats are not intended for prolonged use as they are mostly composed of fabrics that do not breathe well, causing you to sweat and feel uncomfortable.

In addition to this, most gaming chairs lack a footrest which can cause discomfort and tiredness during prolonged use.

2. Lack of footrest

This is because a footrest helps to make the gaming chair more comfortable and supports the complete body.

Therefore, because your body isn't used to this style of chair, it may seem uncomfortable and difficult to sit in.

3. Unremoved Upholstery of the Chair

Another reason you could feel uncomfortable in your new gaming chair is that the upholstery hasn't been broken in yet, which means it hasn't begun to mold to your behind.

As the upholstery wears in, it will adapt to your body's contour and makes the gaming chair more comfortable.

So, if you don't want to wait for this, remove the upholstery from the frame and replace it with new material.

4. Lack of Lumbar support

Furthermore, you may be feeling uncomfortable because of the weak or no lumbar support and lack of lower backrest, which causes back pain and bad body posture.

Adjusting the chair heights as needed and adding pillows to the back and neck while sitting on the chair will relieve back pain and improve your sitting posture, making you more comfortable.

5. Wrong sitting posture

Another reason why your gaming chair might be uncomfortable for you might be because you are not sitting on the chair appropriately and with the right sitting posture.

You need to find out the most appropriate way to sit on a gaming chair to enjoy a comfortable gaming experience.

What is the best way to sit on a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are specially intended to be very comfortable to make your gaming sessions more enjoyable. However, this can only be achieved if you sit on it the right way to avoid muscle and back pain complaints.

The best way to appropriately sit on a gaming chair for a comfortable gaming experience is as follows:

  • Check that you can come flat with your feet on the ground while sitting on the gaming chair.
  • Make sure the back of your knees should not contact the front of the chair.
  • Make sure you have enough space between the railings and your entire spine should be fully supported by the backrest, and the armrests should be adjusted to the proper height.

If everything is in order, you can rest assured that the possibility of discomfort in the neck, shoulder, and back pain is reduced. 

How to Make Your Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable

Gaming chairs are an excellent method to enhance your gaming experience by making you more comfortable and allowing you to stay in the game for longer periods.

However, gaming seats can be uncomfortable, especially if they are not correctly set.

Here are ten (10) helpful ways to make your gaming chair more comfortable during your gaming experience so you can enjoy your games to the fullest.

1. Make sure to choose the right gaming chair appropriate for your gaming needs and body weight

The first step in improving the comfort of your gaming chair is to select the best chair for your needs when getting a new gaming chair.

Not all gaming chairs are equal, and not all gaming chairs will be comfortable for everyone. When selecting a gaming chair, consider the type of player you are.

If you enjoy playing fast-paced games, you will need a chair created specifically for gamers. If you want to play slower-paced games, you may want to pick a more ergonomic chair.

2. Ensure the height and angle of the gaming chair are adjustable to fit you properly

The next step is to ensure that the gaming chair is adjustable to correctly fit you. There are different sizes and forms of gaming chairs, so having an adjustable chair is crucial.

Most gaming chairs are adjustable, but not all of them are adjustable to fit you properly.

Therefore, you must ensure that the gaming chair can be adjusted to your height and weight as you will not be able to use the chair comfortably if it is not adjustable.

If you are experiencing backache or back pain, you may need to adjust the chair height based on your height and your body posture.

Adjusting the heights with the levers and knobs already installed in the gaming chair is required to prevent spine and back pain that can make the gaming experience unenjoyable.

3. Use a seat cushion for the back of your gaming chair

seat cushion

One of the most prevalent issues with gaming seats is that they can be uncomfortable and painful to the lower back after use for longer periods.

This is because many gaming seat cushions are not designed to adequately support your back.

To resolve this issue, using a seat cushion or pillow to support your lower back for extra comfort will aid in the alignment of your spine and the prevention of pain and discomfort.

You need to cushion your gaming chair in such a technique that will make it more comfortable so that you don't feel pain after sitting for five or more hours while playing games.

Also, you can use some soft and cozy padding as a seat cushion for your gaming chairs.

4. Make use of the armrest pads and adjust them properly to your satisfaction

The use of armrest pads is another wonderful choice for making your gaming chair more comfortable. The armrest of the gaming chair is to support your upper limbs and forearms.

However, keeping your arms directly on such a hard surface might induce wrist pain and muscular strain.

Therefore, replacing your armrest with a padded armrest will alleviate your discomfort and make your working hours more enjoyable.

Also, many people are unaware that the armrests on most gaming chairs may be adjusted.

They may be adjusted to meet your height and width. This will allow you to feel more at ease while playing games.

5. Make use of a footrest to support your feet


After a while of playing your games, your feet might most likely begin to hurt, especially if you're wearing socks or shoes all the while. If such is your case, you might need to remove your shoes.

However, putting an ergonomic footrest under your desk to support your feet will make it simpler for you to feel relaxed.

Also, if you have difficulty reaching the floor when on your gaming chair, you should consider using a footrest to allow your feet rest flat.

Many gaming chairs include built-in footrests, however, if yours does not, a standard footrest can be used.

This will assist you in keeping your feet in a comfortable position while playing video games.

6. Use a lumbar support pillow to support your back

Poor posture and lower back pain are extremely distressing. Therefore, maintaining your stance and preventing lower back pain is important.

So, if you always experience back pain, you need to consider using lumbar support when using your gaming chair.

Lumbar support is a cushion that wraps over your lower back and aids in the alignment of your spine. This will help you avoid pain and discomfort while playing games.

The lumbar support can be accomplished by placing an extra-thick pillow about 4 inches wide on your lower back.

The lumbar support pillow makes your gaming chair more comfortable by supporting your lower back. As a result, you can work efficiently for lengthy periods.

7. Use a neck pillow to support your neck to reduce neck strain

neck pillow

Long periods of gaming can have a negative impact on your neck, causing eye-level neck strain and muscle stiffness. The pain caused to the neck is another typical issue of discomfort with using gaming chairs.

This occurs because many people lean over while playing video games. To solve this issue of neck pain, make sure the chair is adjustable to correctly fit your height and ensure that the back of the chair is curved so that it appropriately supports your neck.

Also, simply add a neck pillow to your gaming chair for extra support for your neck to ensure that you can rest your neck throughout long gaming sessions.

8. Avoid sitting too close to your gaming screen and ensure the balanced positioning of your eyes and gaming screen

You don't want to be too close to the gaming screen as doing so will strain your eyes and make it difficult to focus on what is in front of you while playing games.

Therefore, always keep at least an arm's length away from the desktop computer screen to make it easier to see what's going on.

Also, adjust your chair height according to the screen, at which angle your eyes are more comfortable and you feel more concentrated when playing games.

By adjusting correctly, you will eliminate the possibility of eye strain and will be able to concentrate more on your work rather than feeling uncomfortable from a low gaming chair on a higher computer screen.

9. Keep your arms at a straight angle to your gaming equipment

While playing games on your gaming chair, ensure to keep your arms at a 90° angle to avoid putting too much strain on them or feeling uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Naturally, keeping your arms straight can help you play better and have an enjoyable gaming experience.

10. Try to put some music or tunes to play for relaxation

Another quite interesting way to feel comfortable on your gaming chairs when playing games is to have some music or tunes playing when playing games.

This helps to prevent you from becoming overly anxious and pushing yourself too hard.

Therefore, if you want to continue feeling comfortable on your gaming chair while playing games without being distracted by anything else, you could try listening to nature sounds or meditating.

Benefits of Having a Comfortable Gaming Chair


When you ensure that your gaming chairs are very comfortable for your gaming use, quite a several benefits will you experience. Some of the benefits of a comfortable gaming chair are:

  • It improves your productivity and concentration while playing games.
  • When you sit comfortably on a gaming chair, it prevents you from getting a slumped posture after spending long periods playing games.
  • An ergonomic chair for gaming allows you to have multi-directional movement with ease while enjoying your gaming experience. This ensures that you maintain proper posture.
  • Blood circulation is improved all tough your body and your legs when you are playing your games while sitting on a more comfortable gaming chair.

Are Comfortable Office Chairs a Good Substitute for Gaming Chairs?

Although both are ergonomic chairs, they both offer different beneficial features to a gaming experience.

Therefore, the decision of whether a comfortable office chair will be a good substitute for a gaming chair for your gaming experience will depend on you.

This means that when choosing between the gaming chair and a comfortable office chair, you will need to consider your body posture, the provided space you'll be placing your chair, your budget and how much you want to spend, whether you're after a particular aesthetic, and your gaming needs.

So, you will have to check and compare both appropriately to know which is perfect for you.

Let’s look at some of the features for comparison for a quality gaming experience.



Gaming chairs are designed to last longer, which means they frequently use materials that more users find comfortable in manufacturing.

Also, memory foam seat cushions with padding all the way up the back and on the armrests are more likely to be found in the lower price range product.

Whereas, unless you are ready to pay higher or buy one in the expensive price range, office chairs often rely on a thinner material to keep costs down, which means you'll need to take more frequent breaks throughout your gaming session with an office chair.

This is regardless of how comfortable the office chair might be.

Since most gaming chairs have memory foam cushions and a wider design, they offer better value for money than comfortable office chairs.

This is because these chairs are intended for extended use, thick padding across the entire chair is common, even in the most basic models.

Although, the mesh design of some less expensive office chairs may provide better temperature regulation.


Although the aesthetics of the gaming chairs are said to be a classic racerback style that is appealing to many gamers. The office chair caters to a much broader range of tastes and use cases.

Furthermore, gaming chairs are typically built larger than office chairs.

While this may not be appealing if you have only a small space to accommodate your chair, these chairs do accommodate a wider range of body sizes and shapes, with even small people sitting comfortably in the larger models.

It should be noted, however, that selecting the chair with the proper dimensions for you is always advised for the best ergonomics.

The versatility of a subtler design allows you to park your office chair in any room as a desk chair and have it blend in seamlessly, whereas gaming chairs can take up a lot of space.



An ergonomic gaming chair is designed to be completely customizable, with even low-cost models providing excellent adjustment controls.

From the armrests of the gaming chair to the recline, you can customize almost every aspect of your experience with these chairs, whereas office chairs are far more limited, especially in terms of lumbar support.

However, some gaming chairs still have a raised lip at the edge of the seat, which isn't as ergonomic as a flat cushion found on ergonomic office chairs.


When it comes to price, the choice between office chairs and gaming chairs isn't as clear.

If you want to spend as little as possible, you'll find much lower prices on standard office varieties, but there's much better value available in the mid-range if you can spend $100 - $150.

At $150-$250, things become more even, and you may even find better value in the office chair section at the top of the price scale.

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Conclusion – How To Make Gaming Chair More Comfortable?

Gaming chairs have grown in popularity among people of all ages looking for a comfortable place to sit while playing, relaxing, and even working.

If you are one of these people, you must ensure that the gaming chair you select is very comfortable for you.

There are several ways to make your gaming chair more comfortable and you will be able to play games for hours without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

The key to creating a more comfortable gaming chair is to use appropriate materials.

In this article, I have given you an overview of some ways to follow to make your gaming chair comfortable.

This can be achieved by adding some support materials like cushions or pillows or making adequate adjustments to your chair to fit you properly and ensure your essential comfort level when working or relaxing with your favorite games.

I hope you found this information on how to make your gaming chair more comfortable very useful.

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