Best Office Chair for Yogis


If you're a yogi or if you practice yoga, then it's important that you have a comfortable chair to sit on.

I was looking for an office chair that can support my body well and is also comfortable to sit on it. I found out that there are some office chairs available in the market which are specially designed for yogis.

These chairs are very durable, ergonomically designed, and have an excellent back support system.

In this article, I will be reviewing the best office chairs for yogis or for people who practice yoga. The reviews will be based on my experiences since I love doing yoga.

Best Office Chairs for Yogis Reviews

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Main Features

  • This is a great office chair with lumbar support and armrests
  • It has a footrest
  • Its brand is RoleAjim
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • You can adjust its height
  • It is upholstered in leather black
  • This seat can swivel and recline
  • Has a large seat for sitting cross-legged when doing yoga

I am a yogi and I practice yoga every day. I do my yoga in my home office so I decided to buy RoleAjim Executive Office Chair and Footrest to see if it lives up to its claims of being the most ergonomic and comfortable office chair.

This chair has been great for me because it provides enough support for my back and has enough room for my legs to rest comfortably.

Ergonomic Design

This chair is designed specifically for people who sit at their desks all day.  It has an ergonomic design plus lumbar support, which helps relieve back pain.


  • This is a great office chair because it has all of the features you would expect from an executive chair (adjustable height, lumbar support), but also has some additional features that make it ideal for a yogi like me.
  • This chair swivels 360 degrees so you don't have to get up every time someone walks behind your desk.
  • The leather material used to cover this chair is soft but durable enough to last for a long time without fading or getting damaged easily.
  • It is ergonomically designed to promote good posture.
  • This seat can swivel and recline, so you will have no trouble doing yoga in this chair.


  • It is a bit expensive but worth your cash
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Main Features

  • This Himimi kneeling chair has an adjustable height
  • It has thick foam cushions for comfort and doing your yoga
  • Brand is Himimi
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • It is multifunctional; can be used for kneeling, yoga, and in the office

The Himimi kneeling chair is a great option for anyone who wants to incorporate yoga into their workday. It is comfortable, ergonomically designed, and makes it easy to do yoga.

This yoga chair has an Adjustable Height

You'll also find that this kneeling chair has an adjustable seat height, so you can adjust it according to your height requirements. The pneumatic pump also makes it easy for you to adjust the height of the chair with ease.


  • This office chair has wheels that allow it to move smoothly across any floor surface without making noise.
  • It is affordable
  • It comes with thick foam cushions that are designed to offer additional comfort during use
  • This kneeling chair is lightweight enough for anyone to pick up and move around easily


  • One thing that I didn’t like about this chair is that it does not have a back support
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Main Features

  • It is upholstered in fabric
  • This incredible yoga chair is made of wood
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • Brand is flash furniture
  • Has wheels for easier transportation
  • It is lightweight
  • Its height is adjustable

I love this chair because it allows me to do yoga anywhere in my home or office without having to take up a lot of space.

This chair would be perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable alternative to sitting on the floor during yoga practice or meditation sessions.


  • This ergonomic chair is designed to help you maintain a healthy posture while working at your desk
  • This kneeling chair has an adjustable seat height, so you can adjust it according to your height requirements.
  • It is made of wood, which makes it very sturdy and durable.


  • It has no lumbar support
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Main Features

  • Brand is Flash Furniture
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • Its height can be adjusted
  • Has armrests and lumbar support
  • This legged chair can swivel

This Ergonomic Office Chair Has Wheels

The chair easily rolls around on its wheels so you can move around easily without having to push hard against your desk or flooring.

This makes it ideal for people who enjoy moving during their work day rather than staying in one place all day long as some people do!

Has Lumbar support

Its good lumbar support will help prevent back pain by supporting your lower spine and giving it extra support when you sit down for long periods of time.


  • The ergonomic design of this yoga chair allows you to maintain good posture while working at your desk.
  • It also includes a mesh backrest that provides breathability and comfort.
  • Has ample space to place your legs in a yoga position
  • This yoga chair swivels 360 degrees so you can easily turn around and face someone who is sitting behind you.


  • I didn’t experience any problems when testing this incredible yoga chair
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Main Features

  •  This chair is specifically designed for yogis as it is ergonomically designed to prevent back pain
  • Has an adjustable height
  • Brand is Flash Furniture
  • This chair can swivel
  • It has wheels for easier maneuverability
  • Has a large seat for sitting cross-legged

This chair has a mesh back that provides good ventilation which helps prevent overheating while exercising or doing yoga for long hours

The Right Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair has been designed to provide maximum comfort and support for your body while you work at your desk or computer.

It has a high backrest with lumbar support which helps relieve back pain caused by poor posture when sitting down for long periods of time.


  • This chair swivels, which makes it easy to turn towards your desk or computer monitor without moving your entire body around in your seat.
  • It is made of high-quality material which makes it sturdy and durable.
  • It has a large seat to accommodate people who like to sit cross-legged during meditation or yoga.
  • The chair has wheels that make it easy to maneuver around your workspace.


  • I didn't find any cons when I tested this chair.
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Main Features

  • Its seat material is Polyester
  • This yoga chair has a wide saddle seat for sitting in the yoga position
  • Its height is adjustable
  • It has a backrest
  • Has wheels

This chair is ideal for people who want to practice yoga at home or in any other place where they have enough space to do their stretching exercises comfortably.

Its backrest provides extra support during your practice so that you can focus on what you need to do without straining yourself too much.


  • It has a wide saddle seat that provides comfort when you sit in a yoga position.
  • This chair has wheels which make it easy to move around the room.
  • The seat material is made from polyester which makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • It also has adjustable height which means that you can use it even if you're short or tall.


  • The only downside of this chair is that it doesn't have any armrests.
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Main Features

  • Its weight capacity is 300pounds
  •  It is suitable for 5-5 feet 11 inches tall
  • Has wheels
  • Brand is Gaiam

The Gaiam Classic Balance BALL CHAIR is a unique combination of an exercise ball and chair that provides the user with a dynamic way to work in a variety of positions.

The ball chair has an ergonomic design making it comfortable and supportive while also allowing you to move freely and easily.

The Gaiam balance ball chair is made from high-quality PVC material that will last for years without breaking down or losing its shape.


  • This balance ball chair provides a more active sitting experience than traditional chairs
  • The Gaiam Classic balance ball chair can be used at home or at work as an alternative to sitting on a traditional office chair.
  • It's also multi-purpose because you can use it as a yoga ball, or Pilates ball, or just sit on it when watching TV, reading, or studying.


  • This balance ball chair does not have adjustable height

FAQs Related to the Best Office Chairs for Yogis

What’s the Best Office Chair Alternative for Back Pain?

If you’re suffering from back pain from sitting in an office chair all day, then it’s time to switch to a more ergonomic alternative.

The best office chair alternative for back pain is one that supports your posture and keeps you comfortable through long hours of work.

A good office chair alternative will also have adjustable heights, arm rests, and seat pillows for extra comfort.

What is a good sitting position?

A good sitting position refers to the correct posture adopted by an individual when he or she is seated. It involves maintaining a proper body balance while sitting straight on a chair or sofa.

People who sit for long hours every day should know how to maintain a proper sitting position so as to avoid any health problems like back pain, shoulder stiffness, etc.

A Good Sitting Position should be Comfortable

A good sitting position is one that is comfortable and doesn't cause pain. It should also allow you to breathe easily and talk freely, as well as allow you to maintain an upright posture.

Here is a good sitting Position;

Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor or on a footrest, and that your knees are about 90 degrees bent in all directions (not locked straight).

Your head should be held up straight with your chin parallel to the floor, not tilted upwards or downwards. Your shoulders should be relaxed and not hunched up towards your ears.

Don't slouch in your chair - keep both feet flat on the floor or footrests so that you don't lean forward onto them while sitting down with bad posture.

Can the lotus pose be used when working with a computer?

The lotus pose, also known as Padmasana, is a seated meditation posture. It is practiced with the legs crossed in front of one another.

The lotus pose can be used when working with a computer. The lotus pose plus the cross-legged position can help to relieve back pain and improve concentration by keeping the spine straight and aligning the hips and shoulders. It's also good for opening up your chest and shoulders, allowing you to breathe more deeply.

What Type of Chair Is Best for Yoga?

The type of chair that is best for yoga will help you relieve your back pain and improve your posture, is comfortable, and has ample space to place your legs in different positions.

Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair is a chair that allows you to sit on your knees. This is the most basic form of yoga, and it's an easy place to start if you're new to the practice.

Kneeling chairs come in many different sizes and shapes, so check out the options at your local yoga studio or online retailer before buying one for yourself.

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic office chair offers great support for your lower back and hips, making it an ideal choice for yoga.

If your office doesn't come equipped with ergonomic chairs, consider investing in one; this will prevent you from having back pain and help you stay fit no matter where you work.

Balance Ball Chairs

Yoga balls are made from rubber or plastic and feature a circular shape or ball that allows yogis to roll around easily on their own weight when they move around during their workout routines.

Balance ball chairs come in various sizes depending on how tall you want your ball to be. They can also be inflated or deflated.


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