Raymour and Flanigan Ottoman Coffee Table


If you are looking for a piece of functional furniture that you can use in the living room or as a secondary sleeping area, look no further than the Raymour and Fenigan Ottoman. This unique piece is designed to be functional for both use and for storage. The front of the unit features two drawers that are open on each side with a zippered top opening. These two areas can then be used for storage such as books, DVDs, CDs, or any other items you would like to organize. On the sides of the Ottoman are shelves which also open to display extra items.

The interior of the Ottoman features two drawers, which are made out of wood. These units are placed along the long sides of the unit. There is an optional center drawer that can be moved to any part of the furniture where you need more storage. This feature is perfect for small homes or apartments where a center drawer would make the room too crowded.

The drawers are covered in glass, marble, metal, or wood. The most common material used for these units is wood. The best ones are crafted from solid cedar. This type of wood is sturdy, yet still flexible enough to allow for plenty of air flow and mobility. A major plus is the ease of cleaning.

The two drawers located on either side of the unit have a lip on the outside of them. This allows you to lift up both drawers easily and access the contents easily. You can also tilt the unit so you can see the contents as you are reading a book.

The frame of the Raymour and Flanigan Ottoman Coffee Table is made from sturdy hardwood. This material provides durability that will last many years. The outside is covered in a textured black finish. This style includes an oak or ash finished wood grain. Some units do not include the dining table top, which is sold separately.

The two drawer units are composed of one interior drawer that attaches to the table top. This is located directly under the seat. There are two doors on the front of the unit. The interior doors open onto a mirror, so you can view yourself while you are seated. The two drawers also contain a couple of compartments. These are perfect for keeping small items safe while you are working on your laptop.

The two side shelves on this unit are great for displaying decorative items. Glass shelving units are available if you would like to add elegance to the unit. The unit also includes a flat surface that is comfortable to sit on. The flat surface is made from a textured black material. It is available in a black, cherry red, or mahogany color.

The interior of this item includes a mesh cover. This feature provides an attractive way to protect your items from dust and other debris. The two drawers are wide enough to accommodate books, DVDs, or CDs. A single door is provided on the side of the unit for easy access to the inside. The table top does not include a top or a drawer.

The aim of this unit is adjustable. You can raise or lower the arm to best fit your posture. The drawers are placed at the right height so you can see the contents easily. The mesh cover will keep small hands from spilling what you have stored.

The table is easy to clean. You can remove the mesh cover and vacuum the unit. The legs are also made with a durable rubber compound. This material will provide support to the weight of the unit. The legs have a steel reinforced bottom to ensure durability of the finish. The table is available in a black, cherry red, or mahogany color.

This unit is not too big or small. It has two drawers that are large enough to hold numerous titles and newspapers. The drawers are held securely in place using the two metal screws that feature a metal frame. The table top has a smooth shiny finish making it look elegant and stylish. The table is also available in a black and mahogany color. You can find this unit at a price that you will be comfortable with.

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