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Keyone Plaid Ottoman Coffee Table

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A Plaid Ottoman Coffee Table is a great addition to any room. Plaid furniture has been around for centuries. The origin of the style is probably as much a mystery as is the design itself. Some people think it is a descendant of the French but that isn't true. The name is simply a description of the material, the coffee table is made from - usually woven natural fibers like cotton, or plaid. The actual design can vary widely from one style to another.

If you are looking for an elegant piece for the living room, dining room, or even bedroom, there are many options available. You can choose a basic square or round plaid Ottoman coffee table with an iron fireplace mantel shelf attached to it or go with a completely different look by choosing an intricately patterned piece with a sloped ceiling and matching upholstered cover. In fact, many people choose a completely different piece for their foyer or library.

If you are thinking about putting your new coffee table in your game room, you might consider a nice hand carved plaque. For example, you could find one with the logo of your favorite team. You could also get one with the logo of your city, state or country. The possibilities seem endless. If you are having a lot of guests over you could put a wall clock on the wall with the other team's logo painted on it.

Another choice for your plaid Ottoman coffee table is to have a basic patterned piece with the artwork on the outside. An example might be a bird in flight or a flowers bouquet. The artwork could either be woven in the standard rectangular shape, or you could choose plaid fabric art with a patterned border. This would add an extra touch of interest.

If you like the look of a traditional coffee table but you do not have the room for a large table, you could consider purchasing an upholstered window seat instead. These are sold in many different styles and patterns, including basic black leather and various colors of plaid fabric. You can either choose a simple plain design or something more complex such as a patterned chenille. A basic black leather upholstered window seat will fit in perfectly with any decor. If you have a fireplace in your living room, make sure that the mantel shelf has an area to hang a fireplace screen.

Natural finished rock finished walls look fantastic with a natural planked sloped ceiling. You could use this as the base for a beautiful natural finished rock finished fireplace mantel. Another way to improve the looks of your living room is to add a stone veneer fireplace surround to your wall. You can find these very affordable since they are very common in shabby chic homes. A beautiful stone veneer fireplace surround in your rustic style home can completely change the look of your room.

To finish off the look of this piece you can use some simple white ceramic table lamps with wooden mantel shades. You can use a modern cream colored metal frame for the top of the table and you can also purchase white mauve lights to place on the walls behind the Ottoman. A beautiful sectional sofa set with matching white cotton throws would complete the look.

To finish off the overall look of your rustic living room you should add some additional touches such as a rustic wooden bookcase or end table. You could even use plaid coasters instead of glass coffee tables. Plaid cushions on a wooden table adds to the atmosphere of luxury that you are trying to achieve, while a warm feeling is achieved by using plaid cushions.

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