Oval Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table


Martha Stewart Clara Oval Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

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Oteiza, a brand of Spain-based furniture company, has a wide range of interesting and stylish furnishings for homes. An oval tufted Ottoman (from an ancient Roman table-like item). How fascinating gallery above from which you can view it? You can also read further detail about it from this article.

It was designed in 1990 by Ignacio Ottmaman and was initially intended for the bedroom. But slowly it became more useful and then gradually it moved to the living room as well. And in this day and age, it can be used in any area of the home, be it the living room or even the bedroom (interest 2). This wooden coffee table is made of wood with beautifully cut curves.

The beauty of this oak tufted Ottoman is that it can be kept outside the house for extended periods of time. It is sealed using a protective sealant. When kept outdoors, it will not shrink. It is also resistant to warping, cracking and distorting. This beautiful item of furniture can be placed beside the fireplace surround (interest 2) in such a way that it offers a charming decorative feature for the fireplace as well.

This tufted Ottoman is made of an extremely durable kind of wood called medium density fiberboard or MDF. The oak wood that it is made of is very resistant to the elements like sun, rain, humidity, heat and many other environmental factors. This quality ensures that the item will last for years. So what makes it stand out when you want to buy a beautiful furniture item like a coffee table with a long-lasting oval tiled fireplace surround?

When you want to create a very dramatic look, use wall-mounted ceiling lights with a gorgeous oval pattern. The wall-mounted lights will illuminate your room's ceiling and allow you to use this gorgeous item of furniture even if you have a fireplace that does not have one. You do not have to place this beautiful coffee table with the wall-mounted lights on top of the ceiling. You can actually place it on its own pedestal and just use the ceiling lights as the illumination. You will have a very inviting look for your living room. If you have an oval glass doors, the lights will not obstruct the view inside your home.

Another way of enhancing the beauty of this item is by adding a nice chandelier or two. This will also enhance the beauty of the lovely curved corners of the oval table. When you are looking for ways to enhance the beauty of this amazing piece of furniture, try to find a chandelier that comes with a curved cornice molding. The cornice molding is the thin membrane that runs along the cornice of the ceiling. This is what helps to define the shape of the chandelier. If you choose a chandelier that does not come with the molding, then you will be able to purchase one separately and install it onto the cornice molding.

If you have a square shaped fireplace opening in your fireplace, then you should consider using a wooden coffee table that has an arched window wall. With this type of arched wooden coffee table, you will have plenty of room to place a chandelier in the middle of the room. There are plenty of elegant styles that are available. You might even choose a lovely marble top chandelier with the arched window wall.

If your fireplace doesn't open out fully, then you should look into purchasing an oval-shaped glass or metal coffee table that will fit your fireplace opening. By using these types of mirrors, you can still hang your chandeliers and ceiling lights without blocking your fireplace doorway. In fact, if you do purchase a rectangular shaped mirrored wall mirror, then you should also include an adjustable cord or chain so that you can easily pull the mirror up or down from the ceiling when you need to.

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