Orange Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

Oadeer Home orange leather Ottoman coffee table

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Are you thinking of buying an orange leather Ottoman for your living room? If you are, then you are certainly not alone. This is one of the hottest fashion trends to hit the U.S. in recent years. An orange leather Ottoman coffee table lends a great deal of character to a plain or boring living room. It makes for an interesting conversation piece as well as a great addition to your home.

When I was looking for a way to incorporate this interesting style into my home, I knew I wanted it to have some sort of wood effect. I love the look of the deep, rich brown that most leather has. It is somewhat monochromatic and goes great with many different living room accent chairs. The type of wood used in your Ottoman will be important too. A deep brown design company like Handyman Mill produces a wide range of wood to choose from.

I found a great selection of chairs and accent pillows at Home Depot. One sectional that I really like is their coffee and accent pillow group. It comes in black and orange. The leather tufted sectional tops out at a medium tan. The bottom of the Ottoman is leather stitched down to provide additional strength. It has an elastic band at the bottom to easily adjust the height of the Ottoman when needed.

I also found a beautiful orange velvet Ottoman at the same store. It has a thick, plush brown faux leather top and features grey velvet piping running through it. There are several small holes in the back of the sofa, which allow you to add one or more pillows underneath. The back of the sofa features a mesh/net piece that allows you to pull the Ottoman down over the grey sofa. This feature is great for keeping pillows off the floor, but still allows them to be seen when lying down.

Home Depot sells a variety of accent pillows as well. They have a great selection including: small rectangle faux leather pillows with an orange silk bow, a deep, navy blue faux leather sofa, a deep burgundy sofa, and a small square black Ottoman. I love how they have two different types of accent pillows for your living room features. This is an excellent way to use contrasting color schemes for your interior decorating because you can easily change out the shade of the accent pillows without having to repaint your existing sofa. These pillows can also be used on accent tables. A coffee table and an Ottoman make a great combination.

Another way to incorporate orange living room boasts is to place orange accent pillows positioned facing your sofa. You could also place one over each chair if you like. Placing two accent pillows in front of your sofa will give it a more dramatic look and make it seem like more of an accent piece. I know this would enhance my own living room as well as adding warmth and coziness to the room.

Another way to incorporate orange into your home is to use grey living room boasts as the backdrop. With this color combination, you get to have a classic look and feel, as well as some modern flair. A common way to incorporate gray into your interiors is by using a solid gray sofa and adding upholstered pieces with a white backing. A good example would be putting a plain gray loveseat up against a leather couch. You can also use the same tactic with an Ottoman but place it against a marble wall so that it pops out.

If you are planning to use orange and gray in your home interiors, then it is best to purchase accent chairs and sofa that come in these two colors. This way, you won't go over budget and end up choosing pieces that don't blend with the rest of the room. To have a truly coordinated living room, you have to buy furniture that not only suits your needs but compliments the style of the rest of the home as well. With big camel interiors as your inspiration, you get beautiful furniture that will go well with any kind of color scheme. With its unique shape, it is a perfect addition for any home.