Leather Rectangular Ottoman Coffee Table


One of the great things about leather is that it maintains its quality even after years of use. Leather is often thought of as one of the sturdiest and most durable materials on the market today, and a leather rectangular Ottoman coffee table certainly fits in this category.

Leather Coffee Table With Storage - Nathan James Nelson

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Many original resolutions include a leather Ottoman in the furniture selection, but if you're looking for something more unique, there are plenty of leather rectangular ottomans to choose from.

You might have trouble keeping track of all the different styles, but there are just a handful that really stand out.

The Style Of Leather Ottoman Coffee Tables

The Original Resolution

The Original Resolution is among the most popular ottomans of the rectangular coffee tables.

This is because of it's simple, sleek design. Like many of the original resolutions that were introduced in the early 20th century, the Original Resolution uses solid wood in the construction of the piece, allowing it to be both elegant and durable.

Christopher Knight Home Miriam Ottoman with Storage and Bottom Rack

Christopher Knight Home Miriam Ottoman with Storage and Bottom Rack, Brown

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In fact, the Original Resolution uses a high gloss varnish finish that is virtually unbreakable.

While it has a basic rectangular shape, it has enough curves and contours to make it very comfortable to rest your feet on.

The Classic Round

OSP Home Furnishings Augusta Round Storage Ottoman with Decorative Nailheads

INSPIRED by Bassett OSP Home Furnishings Augusta Round Storage Ottoman with Decorative...

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The Classic Round is another sleek and versatile design from that using a metal frame and heavy, dark woods for the frame and a tufted coffee center that sit atop the coffee table.

This is another great example of a traditional leather Ottoman with modern design features that combines well with a home setting.

Another positive aspect of the Classic Round is that the wide, flat feet allow for easy mobility, so guests don't have to worry about your feet getting stuck under the table as they move around in the room.

The Square Dining Room Ottoman

The Square Dining Room Ottoman is a unique way to use an Ottoman as a dining table.

Instead of using a rectangular coffee table as a multipurpose model, you can use a square coffee table as a multifunctional model to add some additional square footage to your home. 

Many people enjoy the added square footage of a square coffee table but having an Ottoman allows you to make use of the furniture as an Ottoman as well, relaxing your feet underneath the cushions as you enjoy your favorite book or newspaper.

This makes the square coffee table a truly versatile piece of furniture, making it one of the best pieces of any homeowner's library or entertainment center.

One of the best aspects of the square coffee table is that it has the ability to combine style with practicality.

Homepop Home Decor Luxury Large Faux Leather Square Storage Ottoman

Homepop Home Decor |K2380-E155 | Luxury Large Faux Leather Square Storage Ottoman |...

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Many pieces of furniture, including couches and ottomans, often fail to take advantage of their potential as both a piece of practicality and an artful piece of fashion.

Take for example the leather Ottoman by Homepop. While it can be used as a traditional footrest, the back of the Ottoman can be decorated in a dark brown color, allowing it to add a touch of originality and creativity to any room.

Or perhaps you prefer to separate your seating by a sliding door. You can easily do this when you have a square coffee table by Homepop, since the Ottoman will fold out in a manner that will allow you to separate the two sections.

How To Store Things In Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

It is important that you consider how you will store the item, when considering whether to purchase a leather rectangular coffee tables, or another approach.

Most people enjoy sitting on leather sofas and chairs, but the original resolution to using such materials in bedrooms is usually due to the difficulty in reaching the height limit of traditional leather furniture.

Fortunately, leather rectangular tables are extremely sturdy, and many models have the ability to hold up to four hundred and fifty pounds.

You can use your original resolution to determine whether you want a larger, traditional style wooden or wrought iron coffee table, or you can choose to go with the more modern approach by incorporating wood in the design.

The original resolution for purchasing a square coffee table was due to the dimensions, which produced a smaller feeling than an oblong or circular one.

However, leather rectangular ottomans are available in both square and rectangular shapes, allowing you to decide on the best match for your living room. 

You may like the traditional look of a square coffee table with a large wooden pedestal, or you may want to try the newer trend of a square coffee table with a glass tabletop and marble or metal legs.

Where to Buy A Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

One interesting fact about leather Ottoman furniture is that some brands are higher in price than others.

A square coffee table with four legs may cost more than a simple rectangular model, mainly because the latter is generally lower in price.

If price is an issue, it is recommended that you shop at several different stores to compare prices.

If all else fails, consider shopping online. There are numerous websites that offer great deals on either square or rectangular coffee tables, and many manufacturers offer free shipping on furniture products.

Alternatively, you might be interested in a multifunctional ottoman that can also act as a bed, a coffee table, and storage. Check out this article about fold-out / pull-out ottoman beds for more information!

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