How To Pick A Coffee Table (Secrets Exposed) – Here Are Some Useful Specifics


Sometimes it's tricky to find stuff for your home that matches your vibe. The ideal coffee table can finish off a look just as lipstick gives a finishing touch to a supermodel.

Discovering how to pick a coffee table that stands out is as crucial as choosing the right lipstick that compliments your skin.

The options are endless, but they may be too much for you to handle in terms of materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

You can sort through the confusing options with the aid of this guide, which will also point you in the direction of the perfect coffee table.

Get a cup of coffee to prop you up and start exploring!

Major Sorts of Coffee Table – Picture Your Dream Living Space

There are many shapes, styles, and types of cocktail tables, as well as a range of materials and features, to choose from.

You must consider each of these aspects when making a decision. 

Your taste, however, is the most prevalent factor. Be sure to go over every point listed below while enjoying your coffee!

1.  Standard/Traditional Coffee Table – Go Classic with Vintage Touch


Standard coffee tables decorated with elaborate carvings, ornate details, and other decorations have long been a favorite type of furniture in homes worldwide.

The best thing about the standard style of coffee tables is that they are highly durable.

In addition to easy maintenance and repairability, traditional furniture also has a durable finish. The standard design also complements the leather and upholstered seating fairly well.

2.  Rustic Style Table- Infuse Natural Touch to your Homes


A combination of traditional coffee tables and uncommon objects creates distinctive pieces. We adore a distinctive, rustic coffee table that makes a bold statement in a living area.

No matter if the overlook glance is contemporary or vintage, it instantly adds warmth and uniqueness to a space.

The rustic coffee table, which grounds any room irrespective of its aesthetic, is one of the more popular options.

3.  Industrial Style Coffee Table – Get a Signature Design


The industrial-style coffee table is mostly made from wood and metal. Industrial tables can be eye-catching centerpieces, making your living room iconic. Such styles often provide ample storage capacity.

It is suggested to choose a coffee table in an industrial style if you want a piece that will withstand daily use without breaking your bank account.

It can be used as a craft desk in addition to being an excellent place for drinks or snacks during movies.

4.  Ottoman Style Coffee Tables – Super Space Savers!


What will happen if you combine two furniture items that are even versatile when used separately? Take ottomans and coffee tables as an example.

You now possess a new piece of furniture that is more useful. A coffee table in ottoman style is a wonderful addition to any space.

They provide a comfy seat and store your belongings in addition to adding some decor to your room. As the name implies, Ottoman-style coffee tables can be used for serving and seating.

Top Trends to Follow While Choosing a Perfect Coffee Table

There are countless options to consider when choosing the right coffee table that matches the trend. But that again depends on various factors.

Perhaps you have a sectional sofa, or maybe you love to invest in a piece of bulkier furniture with a set of throw pillows.

Whatever you choose, you will get a modernized version of the coffee table. Here are some of the latest, stylish, and modern-looking models you can opt for.

1.  Portable/Mobile – Move Freely to Your Ideal Sitting Spot

Multipurpose furniture has gained popularity in recent years. The collapsible coffee table seems simple to carry, arrange, and disassemble.

It is not only a simple table but also a lovely home decor and picnic table or a laptop table.

Such a mobile style may give your tabletop a stable structure, allowing you to take the cups and bottles wherever you go.

This kind of coffee table serves multiple functions and can be quickly folded away when not in use to free up space.

2.  Contemporary Coffee Tables – Play Smart and Stylish


Coffee tables in contemporary style are for those who admire the true art of designing.

Contemporary style refers to what is currently fashionable. Interiors in contemporary designs are frequently stark with bold, bright accents.

Such coffee tables often have glass tops and metal bases. However, the tabletops aren't particularly large.

Yet, the unique structure of the contemporary-style coffee table simply adds to its attraction and makes your living room tempting.

3.  Nesting Coffee Table – Accentuate Your Living Room

Nesting-style coffee tables are excellent space savers and useful for game nights with youngsters or when you have guests around.

Many types are portable and ideal for use as side tables, or drink stands at dinner parties.

Nesting coffee table sets are characterized by their classic, manufactured wood structure, and clean-lined design.

It is a fantastic option for homes with limited space requiring additional table space.

What to Consider When Picking the Right Coffee Table?

1.          Discover What Shape Should The Table Be?

Oval Coffee Table - Perfect for Smaller Spaces


Books, TV remotes, cell phones, or a few knickknacks might need maximum tabletop space to complete the look. This is where the oval coffee table works perfectly. 

In contrast to many other table shapes and sizes, an oval coffee table could also function well with rounded shapes.

You just have to maintain a point of difference by using textured accessories.

Oval tables are ideal for you if you have kids or pets because they don't have any corners, which makes them kid and animals friendly.

Rectangular Coffee Tables – Best Fit with Traditional Sofas


For a good reason, the traditional rectangular coffee tables can be noticed in numerous homes worldwide.

This popular shape has been found to look beautiful in almost all types of room settings, whether it's a small or a large one.

Having said that, there are a plethora of ways to upgrade your square coffee table.

Designers have updated and revamped this piece of furniture to make it the ideal centerpiece for your living room.

Round Coffee Tables – Goes Well with Sectional Sofas


One of the most common and adaptable table shapes you can pick is round coffee tables.

The round shape makes a nice focal point for the living room and allows you to accomplish anything from adding a seating area to your balcony sofa to creating a comfortable reading nook at night.

Even without a sectional sofa, you can still make good use of such a coffee table by putting some containers underneath it and serving drinks as required.

Square-shaped Coffee Tables – Suit Best with Bulkier Furniture


A cubical coffee table is a fantastic choice when coupled with massive pieces of other furniture. A small to medium-sized living area looks stunning with square coffee tables.

Because it is relatively flat and can't be easily covered behind some other furniture, it can be more challenging to clean and conceal dust than a round table.

2.          What Size Should The Table Be?

The required size of the tables in your home depends on different things. Measuring your room's size, the number of guests or members seated nearby, and the room's general ambiance is essential.

Are you unsure of the dimensions of your dining table? Table dimensions are one of the most important aspects to consider when planning a coffee corner. So, precise room measurements are crucial.

A coffee table's length ought to be proportional to the sofa's length. Typically, a coffee table occupies between two-thirds and three-fourths of the width of a sofa.

The standard recommendation for coffee table height is that it needs to be 1 to 2 inches lower than the height of the sofa seats.

But remember that this is only a recommendation. Furthermore, you should not set it too tall as you'll have trouble reaching things on top of it and may trip over them.\

If you are looking for Oversized Square Ottoman Coffee Table, make sure you check out our in-depth reviews here!

3.          What Material Should Your Coffee Table Be?


Rattan-Made Coffee Tables

Consider investing in a rattan coffee table if you want a unique table that will add delicate charm to your home décor while retaining your beverages at the right temperature.

The coffee table made of rattan is extremely durable and won't shatter easily.

Because it is encased in a delicate layer that offers to cushion and support, the rattan material is very comfortable to sit on.

Wood-Made Coffee Tables


These wooden coffee tables are the ideal pieces for your living room furniture.

They are a simple yet remarkable option for anybody who wishes to establish a cozier ambiance in their home by adding natural vibes. 

Additionally, they're a great choice if you have pets or children who tend to knock things over.

Teak and mahogany are just two of the many kinds of wood that are available to make wooden coffee tables.

Glass-Made Coffee Tables

Some people might not think the glass is safe for a coffee table, but you'll be shocked to discover how secure it is.

The glass type used in glass coffee tables is roughly 4-5 times stronger than any other type of glass. Glass tables are indeed very simple to clean.

A variety of special glass cleaners are available. Glass-based coffee tables offer a convenient, useful, and fashionable way to hold a cup of tea or coffee.

Metal-Based Coffee Tables


Metal coffee tables are more aesthetically pleasing than other types of tables. But before making a purchase, check if the table is well-made and prepared from high-quality material.

Metal-made furniture is strong and will not deteriorate over time. Another plus point is that metal is fireproof, so it will not catch fire.

Additionally, if you own a pet who scratches your furniture, a metal coffee table is something made for your family room.

Tips to Achieve an Attractive Coffee Table Setup

The following tips will help you choose a coffee table like a pro:

  • A custom coffee table as living room furniture can add an artistic feel.
  • A lift-top coffee table is the best option if you want a coffee table with hidden storage.
  • A room with multiple sofas is ideal for a rectangular table.
  • Choosing a low coffee table will help your sofa stand out from the room.
  • For parents and pet owners, an oval coffee table works best.
  • Making use of plants to decorate your living room will make it healthier.

Bottom Line

Hope you found this guide helpful on “how to choose a coffee table." When choosing a coffee table for the family room, there are several things to take into account. Think about the table's design and appearance first.

Assess the size (coffee table length, height, and width of the coffee table) and next shape (lift-top coffee table, round, square, or rectangular coffee tables, etc.). Lastly, consider the table's surface material.

Have a coffelicious day!


1.    Does A Coffee Table Have Another Name?

A coffee table can also be called a cocktail table.

2.    How Do I Care For My Coffee Table?

Dusting, polishing, and occasionally deep cleaning are some of the basic maintenance chores. Your coffee table may require special care to prevent scratches or water damage, depending on its material.

3.    How to Dress Up My Coffee Table?

You can dress up your coffee table in various ways, such as using different linens, adding decorations, and artistically arranging the items there.

4.    What Color Should I Choose for My Coffee Table?

The colors in the space where your coffee table will be placed should guide your choice of color. A brown coffee table will be a good choice if your living room has a lot of earth tones.

5.    What Is the Ideal Coffee Table Height?

It depends on individual tastes and particular room layouts. A good general rule of thumb is to select a coffee table about the same height as the padding of the sofa.

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