Belham Living Corbett Square Coffee Table Storage Ottoman


The Belham Living Room Furniture Collection is designed to provide a classic and elegant look for any room. The collection is created from the finest hardwoods and utilizes the finest leathers available. This furniture is finished with painstaking attention to detail in order to provide a quality product that is durable, comfortable, and will stand up to even the most demanding decor.

There are eight different tables in the Belham Living Room Furniture Collection. These include two accent tables and one large table. There is also a section of eight side tables available. All of the tables and side tables feature a medium dark wood finish that is smooth and comfortable to sit on.

The accent table is an elegant piece that is perfect for accenting a small room. It is a three piece that provides storage under one seat. The fourth section contains a single drawer with a small drop in dresser top. This storage drawer can be used for stools, a small night stand, or a place to set down a magazine or book. It has a large enough drawer that there is plenty of room for all of your items and the storage capacity you need.

The other side table is perfect for a small office area. It consists of one large flat surface that opens out into a neat corner. This coffee table is very functional and provides ample seating for when you have company over.

The Belham Living Room Furniture Collection includes a beautiful writing desk with an Ottoman. This writing desk is made from dark walnut wood that has been finished with cherry. It has an open panel that is available in a white or black finish. The storage cabinet underneath can be fitted with a shoe holder or can be used as a normal wood cabinet.

Another piece of furniture in this collection is the large oak chest. This chest has room for lots of collectibles. The front of the chest is open and has two doors on each side. There is a drawer that are placed symmetrically on either side of the large doors. This makes it easy to store your favorite books or collections.

For even more storage, there is a corner piece that is available in this set. The Corner Living Organizer is designed with shelves in the front, a large mirror, and three hidden compartments. It comes complete with a matching end table. You can use this piece to store all of your little trinkets and allow you to separate one area for your small decorative items and the other for your larger ones.

All of the storage cabinets in the Belham Living Ottoman Square series have been created with high quality materials. They are available in a number of different sizes that will best accommodate the amount of stuff you have. The beauty of the design is that there are no rules to follow. Just as long as your Belham living room is open plan and free from clutter, you can use your storage cabinets as needed.

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