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Modern Leisure Chair and Ottoman

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Modern Mid Century Style

The chair and yellow Ottoman are designed in a slightly modern mid-century style, with a luxurious and comfortable modular stitching design.

Excellent Quality Stuff

It is made of top-quality soft velvet and solid wood feet with black steel feet; it is also long-lasting and soft.

Embellishing Furniture

These unique decorated seats introduce to your home environment, and they can also be used as stylish furniture to add glamor to your living space.

Comfy Occasions

The modern Leisure chair with Ottoman can be put in the living room, bedroom, or study area, allowing you to sit down and enjoy your free time more comfortably.

ZHUAN Ottoman Round Knitted Foot Stool

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Original Knit Fabric

ZHUAN Ottoman Footstool is made of 100% cotton hand-woven light-weight fabric with a crimped or puckered surface.

It comes in exceptional high-quality 0.5 mm ultra-fine particles, and a richer filling. It is also available in yellow color.

Appealing Design and Size

The footrest design is lovely, philanthropic, and one-of-a-kind. ZHUAN Ottoman casual style entices your body to feel and appreciate its comfort, increasing your satisfaction with this foot Stool.

Two different sizes 32 cm and 25 cm, are available and designed to suit your needs.

Soothing and Pleasant Sitting

Its particles are non - irritating that cannot be shrunk easily. You feel more pleasant to sit on, and the Ottoman does not leave you bored and exhausted after a long period of sitting.

Meahyny Square Small Ottoman

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Soft and Comfortable Seating

This footstool's seat height is extensively cushioned with several elevated and soft sponges, providing total comfort and support whether getting dressed in the bedroom, putting on shoes at the entrance, or resting on chairs.

Stylish Design and Flexibility

The sophisticated design of the Ottoman is ideal as a bedside bench or footstool, temporary stool, or a table for stock in the hallway or bedroom, family room, and even at home to provide an attractive accent. This yellow stool can be used for emergencies or as a table to store things.

Lightweight and easy to assemble

You will have four solid wooden legs as you assemble the stool. When it is assembled, the stool can support up to 200 kg.

This Meahyny Ottoman modest Size is 38cm L x 38cm W x 38cm H; it is available in low weight.

Teerwere Single Sofa with Ottoman

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Ergonomic Design and sustainable

Microfiber fabric with ergonomic and sustainable cushion, stuffed pillows create for the head, seat, and armrests to provide support and comfort.

The high back, thick cushion, and premium quality, sturdy microfiber fabric soft furnishings provide long-lasting use and a comfortable sitting experience.

Strong and Water resistance

You can easily remove stains from the Teerwere yellow Ottoman; it is water-resistant and simple to clean with a wet towel, and the chair's robust design and generous cushions allow you to relax.

As Ideal as You Desire

The armchair's compact dimensions make it a natural choice for smaller settings. It has angled arms and cushions that fit within the frame to provide comfort.

Single sofa Modern Relax Lounge Armchair Recline with Footrest Stool

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Trendy Design

This trendy Ottoman is designed with an overstuff cushion on the seat, head, and armrests to provide support and comfort.

It also has a high back. Its premium elastic microfiber padding ensures long-term use and gives you an enjoyable experience.

Adjustable and sturdy

Made of a strong steel frame that can be converted into a chair, chaise lounge, couch, or even a bed. You can easily fold and store it in a small space.

Multi-Purpose Ottoman

It has an elegant look ideal for resting and playing games, watching TV, and other activities.

Leather Storage Ottoman Bench Cube

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Versatile and Tough

Beautiful Ottoman is very strong and durable, breathable, non-smelly, acid-free, corrosion-resistant, and hard. It is easy to clean.

It can be used in living rooms, basements, bedrooms, workplaces, university dorms, office entrances, and other locations.

Stool with Wooden frame and feet

Wooden Feet stop direct contact with floors and protect the bottom from dirt. They are easy to move even under the most massive loads and don't cause harm to your hands or floors.

Wide Storage Stool

The ottoman bench can be used to store toys, blankets, books, and play accessories, or it can be utilized as a support shelf for various home decor things to emphasize artistic beauty. You can also use a coffee table, entrance bench, and footstool.

Velvet Storage Ottoman Foot Rest

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Superior Quality Material

The foot stool's high-resilience foam-coated soft velvet and solid wood frame assure its durability for a long time.

Comfortable and sturdy

Light yellow velvet-covered footrest ottoman packed with skin-friendly, elastic, and soft, high-quality polyurethane foam.

The iron footrest stool legs are supported at the bottom and have a high load-carrying capacity. The structure is firm, durable, and sturdy, and it is difficult to tilt and bend.

Effective application

The modern circular cosmetics hidden storage stool is appropriate for a variety of scenarios, including living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, reading rooms, and so on.

YQ WHJB All-in-one Elastic Slipcover Sofa

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This yellow sofa is made of Elastic Fabric; it is highly flexible to adapt to the size and shape of the sofa. It can absorb moisture and does not fade.

Its Stretch can be recovered quickly; this furniture is a secure fit with stitched elastic hem; this item fits nicely on your sofa cover; you need to rinse thoroughly for easy care at home.

Ideal for Families, Pets, and Children

Now, you do not need to worry, your pet can freely jump on the couch, and your kid will be able to play without restriction because this couch is easy to clean and simple to maintain, and does not fade.


These sofa protectors are completely non-allergenic. They are made of natural materials to prevent the danger of allergic reactions when using this furniture protector.

Erddcbb Printed Ottoman Covers Rectangle

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Outstanding Fabric

The cover for the Ottoman is made of 15% spandex and 15% polyester printed fabric. Soft, non-fading, and breathable, it is strong and stretchable. Beautiful appearance and practicality.


Apart from decorative aspects, Ottoman covers can also save the footstool against spills, wear and tear, and stains.

Make sure your furniture band is clean and update it to the new brands' appearance. A must-have for families that have children or pets.

Ideal Match

The highly flexible fabric is ideal for square, rectangular, and five-sided storage ottomans. The protector's elastic bottom band allows it to stick to the bottom of your Ottoman.

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FUENTE LUZ Round Coffee Table with Storage Round Ottoman

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Strong Wooden Framework

The coffee table is based on three main legs, ensuring long-term reliability.

The table's feet and tabletop are made up of solid wood, which makes it incredibly stable. The table body's cover is replaceable, and it can be washed on a regular basis.

Large storage Area

It's useful for keeping makeup, books, blankets, and other items, and it's both useful and space-saving.

With a diameter of 23.6 inches and a depth of 20 inches, the stool provides a wider place for the simple storage of additional items.

Easy Assembling and lightweight

Every screw and nut is integrated into the table legs and board.

There is no need for an extra tool; fasten the table legs and the screws behind the table board, then cover the table board. You can easily move this furniture anywhere because it is lightweight.

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