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When you first begin meditating, it can feel daunting, as if you will never master it. This is certainly relevant if you are having difficulty with the positions because you will be too centered on your body to let your thoughts wander.

Sitting meditation could be excruciating for your back, so try a meditation chair with back support and see if it makes a difference.

Similarly, kneeling meditation has a series of challenges for your body; thus, the most comfortable meditation chair or bench can be highly beneficial.

Finding the best meditation chair for your meditation practice can make or break your decision to continue. So, set yourself up for success in meditation by selecting a chair that is well-made, comfortable, and has proper support.

What Is A Meditation Chair?


A meditation chair combines a meditation cushion and a chair to provide comfort and back support for a more in-depth meditative experience. A meditation chair is a meditation bench, floor chair, or meditation seat.

They can help you to maintain good posture while focusing on your breath for extended periods without experiencing pain.

The overall design of these meditation chairs makes it much easier to focus your mind than sitting on a hard surface or in a regular chair.

Some meditation chairs are designed specifically for the lotus position (cross-legged meditation pose), while others are intended for kneeling or sitting positions.

The right meditation chair should help to maintain a straight spine and an excellent posture for an extended period, irrespective of the meditation position.

They're ideal for beginning meditators, individuals with back problems, less flexible people, and people who prefer the meditation chair to their conventional counterparts.

Meditation seats come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and can be used for indoor and outdoor activities. Most meditation floor chairs are made of memory foam, while others are made of different materials.

Best Meditation Chairs

Perhaps you find yourself at the crossroads of which meditation chair to invest in; here is a list of some top-notch meditation chairs with back support you can buy directly from Amazon without breaking the bank.

Best Zen Meditation Chairs

Alexia Meditation Seat

Alexia Meditation Seat

This seat's ergonomically correct posture is activated by its design, which helps protect and prevent tearing and degeneration of joints, muscles, and bones commonly affected by ordinary chairs while also improving concentration and performance and lowering stress levels.

Alexia meditation chair has been meticulously designed to support the lower back, knees, feet, ischium, and instep. It elevates the hips and angles them forward, causing you to sit straight naturally while your legs fold beneath you without the pressure of your weight.

Alexia's lotus-like layout is augmented by the Vegan Leather finish - a beautiful and functional piece. The Alexia Meditation Chair can help you improve your meditation practice and posture.

It is meticulously handcrafted from high-quality materials and includes an in-built light metal skeleton that adequately supports the body.

The meditation seat has a steel seating mesh and steel tubing frame to ensure your pose. High-quality foam for padding and the cushioned textile materials that conceal the Alexia meditation chair have double hems for maximum textile resistance.

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Best Rattan Meditation Chairs

Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

The tall back of the Gaiam rattan meditation chair provides ergonomic support and is often regarded as a meditation lounge chair that offers lumbar support. The meditation cushion is intended for long periods of cross-legged sitting during meditation.

Sit longer and even more conveniently on the spacious seats and extra-thick cotton fabric cushion filled with environmentally friendly kapok. The cotton cushion cover is machine washable and removable.

The dimensions are 34 "W x 25.5 "D x 19.5 "H, with a seat height of 8" and a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

You can choose the most eco-friendly chair for your practice from our reviews of the Best Seagrass Meditation Chairs, check it out here!

Best Meditation Chair For Seniors

BackJack Floor Chair

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The BackJack floor chair is very ergonomic, similar to a Japanese meditation chair. The blackjack floor chair provides lumbar and back support, eliminating the need to slouch when sitting on the floor.

Its backrest measures 16" wide x 23" tall and is lightweight and portable. Its unique design enables sitting or reclining by simply shifting from vertical to horizontal.

Its cotton-made seat makes it a cozy and intimate place to sit with family and friends. It can be used almost anywhere, including the home, camping, sporting events, etc.

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Best Meditation Chairs With Back Support

Friends of Meditation Chair


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This is a cutting-edge foldable extra-large meditation chair with the finest innovation for long periods of sitting. The backrest provides full support for a comfy posture and helps people with back pains or limited flexibility.

Friends of meditation chair help you sit up straight and is extremely comfortable when sitting cross-legged. Osho meditation facilitator adapted the design, which is available in two colors.

Seat dimensions are 24 x 22 inches with a 4-inch height. The chair weighs 11.46 pounds. It is thickly padded for maximum comfort and fits anyone below 6 feet 2 inches tall.

This friend of meditation chair can be used for yoga, meditation, work, and laptop use. Assists elderly people who require back support as they age—ideal for a day-long retreat or continuing the practice at home.

It also helps make your meditation session more relaxing and comfortable. Increases your ability to sit on the floor. The zippered and removable soft fabric cover is easy to clean.

Pipersong Meditation Chair Review


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I bought this cross-legged office chair to test it. It's comfortable and sturdy, with an adjustable height that allows me the luxury of sitting back in relaxation while still being able to put my feet up on either side!

I've also found myself using it when meditating or doing yoga sessions because they are so relaxing; not only do these chairs allow you're core (and entire body) some much-needed rest but seeing how fantastic things look from such a unique angle can be intriguing too - who wouldn't want themselves framed by wood?

You can find out more about the Pipersong Meditation Chair here in my in-depth review!

Benefits of a Meditation Chair

It isn't easy to sit up straight for a long duration. Our present sedentary lifestyles have lessened our core muscles and caused us to slouch more now than ever before.

Meditation chairs with back support can make meditating much easier for a newbie or average person. Among the benefits are the following:

1.     Better spinal alignment

2.     Assist you in concentrating and focusing during meditation

3.     It protects your tailbone, knees, and ankles.

4.     It assists you in sitting up in the proper posture for optimal breathing.

5.     Numbness in the legs and knees has been reduced.

6.     Reduced joint pressure and strain from sitting.

7.     Support your back and body while sitting for long periods.

8.     Provide weight and lumbar support.

What's more? I've gathered all the best benefits of a meditation chair in this informative blog post. Discover it now!

How To Choose The Best Meditation Chair For Your Needs?


This is a personal preference depending on how you choose to meditate. However, there are some aspects to consider when choosing a piece of meditation furniture. They include:

1.    Material

Your choice of material is heavily influenced by your lifestyle, as pets or children easily damage some fabrics. A more durable wooden meditation chair is advisable if this is the case.

Those who enjoy connecting with nature while meditating should select a waterproof material or an outdoor meditation chair.

A few people prefer to make decisions that align with their goals. To develop environmentally friendly habits, look for recycled cotton or vegan leather and polyester.

Meditation chairs are available in many styles, colors, and materials. Which option you select is entirely up to you. Consider what you hope to achieve from your meditation space and select material that appeals to you.

2.    Design

When searching for the best meditation chairs to give you good support, consider how they will look or appear in your space. Seeing your meditation chair designs will often encourage you to meditate and try out different meditation positions.

However, for easy storage when not in use, it is advisable to look for a foldable meditation chair. It all comes down to how you live. Some people may use a meditation office chair during lunch breaks.

However, design is more than just appearances. How you use your chair is determined by its design. Can you kneel or sit for an extended time without experiencing pain? If you can't, it's not a well-designed or functional meditation chair.

3.    Personal physical requirements


Everyone is built differently and may have physical issues that should be considered when selecting a meditation chair.

Suppose you have back pain and difficulty sitting upright for a long time. In that case, you should consider meditation chairs with back sides or backrests that support your spine and help lessen the pain rather than exacerbate it.

Some people prefer firm backrests over soft support because soft support can cause aches. The best meditation chairs should keep you from getting any pain or discomfort while meditating.

However, not all chairs will meet your needs, so consider your body and go for the best meditation seat that will always support you. Search for chairs that will help you meditate effectively and not interfere with your body's needs.

With so many options on the market, selecting a good meditation chair could be difficult. Don't purchase a chair that will aggravate your physical problems. Enquire, read reviews, and don't be afraid to experiment with more than one type.

4.    Portability

Fortunately, meditation can be practiced virtually anywhere, allowing you to develop solid routines irrespective of where you are. Consider how and when you will use your chair.

If you meditate in your home and want it to be easy to move around, it doesn't have to fold up, but it needs to be lightweight, portable, and easy to move.

Meditation can take quite some time to master, and alterations in our surroundings easily disrupt it. When we travel, possessing a portable meditation chair around us can help us adjust to new environments.

Carrying your equipment to new and unique areas can help make the unfamiliar environment feel safe, allowing you to concentrate more effectively.

If you travel frequently or are heading for a meditation retreat, a more portable meditation bench or chair will be more convenient.

Your best bet is to buy portable meditation chairs that fold easily and fit in a suitcase, are lighter in weight, consume less space, and come with storage bags.

Examine the features of various chairs to see how they differ and fit your lifestyle.

5.    Position of preference


When purchasing a meditation chair, you should consider your preferred meditation position. A sitting meditation chair may be the best option if you are a registered yoga teacher or a practitioner and like to meditate in the traditional lotus position.

If you want to be on your knees throughout your sessions, you should search for a kneeling meditation bench or a chair rather than a sitting one.

If you are new to meditation and aren't quite sure which position you prefer, look for a meditation chair that could be used for either kneeling or sitting so that you can attempt both without getting too uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sitting should I do for meditation?

You can meditate while seated in a chair because it is the most basic meditation pose and does not require any physical stretching.

You can also sit with your back to a wall, which will support your back and assist you in maintaining a steady posture. You also can sit with your knees supported.

If you are wondering how you can sit while meditating, you should check this informative guides of How To Sit When Meditating here! 

Is it worthwhile to invest in a meditation chair?

Yes. A meditation chair allows you to maintain proper posture and provides adequate back support to meditate in comfort and peace.

Is a meditation chair similar to a yoga chair?

While both concepts are closely related, a meditation chair differs from a yoga chair. This is because most meditation chairs have ergonomic meditation seats, adjustable meditation chairs, and back support

How do you sit on a meditation pillow?

Sit cross-legged at the front third of the meditation pillow, raising your backside slightly so that the seat cushion acts as a wedge, supporting your hips and allowing your knees to angle downward.

Make every effort to keep your knees in contact with the ground or additional support cushions. With your lower body, you form a solid tripod base. Maintain a straight but not rigid spine.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect or comfortable meditation chair could be difficult if you are unfamiliar with your needs and also how your body reacts to sitting during meditation.

It is highly recommended that you sit comfortably and meditate in your meditation room or meditation benches before purchasing a chair so that you get to see how your limbs and back feel while sitting in an upright posture for a longer duration.

Meditation should relieve stress and anxiety rather than increase it. So, if you're having trouble, try one of the chairs in this article. They will assist your body in allowing you to focus your thoughts on meditation and become your calmest self.

Nevertheless, it is essential to consider your body needs and your meditation sessions before buying the best chair for yourself.

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