8 Best Ottoman Chairs for Bathroom


Here are some of our suggestions for an ottoman chair that is best suited for a bathroom. Find the best deals and compare the prices before you make your purchasing decision.

What Colors Are Best?

For a bathroom ottoman you want something that gives the feeling of cleanliness. You may think white is a good color, but actually brighter colors such as blue, pink, and even gray are better color choices than white.

If your bathroom is grayish or white in overall color scheme, then beige, ivory white, light gray, can actually look really nice. However, never porcelain white, because it will look like it's the toilet or something, so you need to make it stand out that it's actually a furniture.

How Big Should It Be?

This mainly depends on the size of the bathroom. Bigger bathrooms have the luxury of placing a larger ottoman as it will proportional to the room.

In most cases though, people's bathroom will be on the smaller side, so 18 inches in diameter is a good choice.

Stools, small ottoman storage stools will be a good fit. You can place it next to a corner, or next to the sink or bath. You can store whatever lotion or items that are necessary.

What Material Is Best?

Rattan or wicker is a really good material choice. However, if you can't find a good ottoman with wicker material, then try polyester or velvet with water repelancy.

Since the bathroom is going to a moist and wet environment you need something that will dry quickly and repels water easily.

Ryan Mills
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