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The Basho Zen meditation chair is designed specifically with your health in mind. It's a reclining ergonomic chair that you sit in, your lower body properly supported for maximum depth and awareness of meditation.

It makes it simple to locate where the blocks and tension lie and to put the focus there to aid easy release. A unique tension-relieving mesh, padded with Teflon, is where the mesh meets the cushion. This helps you stay comfortable and focused on the task at hand.

The Zen meditation chair does not have armrests or a backrest. This allows you to sit comfortably without the need for additional chairs or even chairs for padding.

The design of the chair is sleek and streamlined, with straight lines and a minimalist design. There are no curves or unnecessary baggage that can detract from the meditation experience

All the features of a traditional meditation cushion are here, including a large cushioned base and a strong yet flexible yet resilient frame. In addition, the cushion can be easily flipped over for a side position for a more restful reading or watching posture.

In addition to the mesh and foam cushion, the Zen meditation chair has a specially made pillow which can be placed behind the cushions to enhance your comfort level.

There is also a tray with a hole in the top, allowing you to put food or drinks on top without having them spill. Food tends to spoil quickly, especially liquids, so this trays are also useful for ensuring that liquid does not splatter on the floor.

These chairs are designed so that they are comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time, and with several height adjustments, it's easy to find a position that suits you.

The Zen breathing technique requires you to sit in a relaxed position with your back straight, and your legs crossed on the chair. 

Because this poses the spine and pelvis to an upright position, it is important that the comfort level is maintained throughout the entire session.

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It's important that the chair feels comfortable, and this is achieved through the natural curve of the spine when sitting up. This allows for the full range of motion that is needed for Zen meditation sessions.

The chair also has an adjustable footrest to ensure that your feet are resting flat on the floor. You will not have any trouble with excess pressure on your spine from the weight of your hands or the constant rocking while you are sitting.

The chair has an extremely durable frame made from strong and flexible metal with an extremely soft lining. This allows for it to be used comfortably for extended periods of time with no problems of wear or tear.

It comes with a padded back support as well, which provides an additional level of comfort when sitting. A built in adjustable headrest is included as well, along with the Zen meditation chair's ergonomic design.

Because it has such a cushioned, padded, and padded back support, you can be sure that your spine will be at its most comfortable state during these long meditation sessions.

Another key feature of the Zen meditation chairs is that they offer you dual seating comfort.

This means that while one of the legs rests in the center of the back support, the other leg can be positioned anywhere along the top of the cushion. 

This offers two different levels of comfort at your disposal, making them easy to transition from one posture to another.

This is also helpful when learning new techniques or when trying to remain relaxed while moving from one position to the next.

By offering this level of comfort, you are less likely to become tense, and your mind is more likely to stay focused and calm during your sessions.

For the best price, you may want to consider purchasing a used chair. While this option may not offer as much as a new model, you can still find high quality and comfortable ones that fit your budget.

When shopping for a used chair, just make sure that the padding is replaced with the most comfortable padding you can find.

You can also choose between a folding model and a stationary model, which are slightly more expensive but allow you to move the chair around easily in your meditation room.

Whichever type of Zen meditation chair you choose, you will enjoy the many benefits it can bring to your daily life.

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