What is An Ottoman Used For? 8 Creative Uses


Ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture out there. You don't have to spend a fortune on them, but you can use them for many different purposes depending on the occasion.

Coffee Table

For medium to bigger sized ottomans, you can move it into your living room or outside patio and make it a nice coffee table which you can use to play cards with your friends or just chat.

It can serve as a bench in case you need it to, so there are other uses. Some ottoman coffee tables even have a storage piece under the table where you can put stuff in.

Pillow Fight

Ottoman poufs are soft and specifically designed for relaxed environments. You can use them as soft cushions for a pillow fight with the kids. They are not that expensive, usually around $20, so you can buy quite a few and make a playroom for your kids.

There are types of Ottomans that are light and soft, so you can use them as sleeping pillows if need be in certain cases. It's very easy to move them around and if guests come over and if you are out of chairs, you can use these poufs.

Sitting Chair

One way or another, you can use them as a chair for almost any occasion. There are quite a few ottoman chairs that you can choose from. Some are convertible, some fold into beds, some have storage pieces, and the great thing about them is how affordable they actually are.

Some of these chairs can also be changed into a table or a footrest.

Decoration Furniture

If it's one thing Ottomans can do well, it would be decorative furniture. For almost any type of room and home, you can find many different ways to decorate your home and add some life to it.

Try one of these versatile ottomans that can fold into a living room coffee table and with a few folds and steps, you can change it into a bed, a lounger chair, and other things.

You can move them around and use it for other things as well. They are incredibly amazing!

Floor Cushion

You can take the cushion off an Ottoman and use it as a floor cushion if you want to just lay down and rest. While it's not necessarily the best use for the ottomans, you can make a makeshift cushion if you do not want to get your clothes all dirty.

Outdoor Chair

Having some friends over and getting some tea or coffee outside? No problem, just bring your Ottoman outside and use it as a patio chair.

Wicker or Rattan chairs are best for such occasions as they dry very easily and quite portable. Wicker is incredibly durable and made out of organic natural material that is eco friendly.

You can buy outdoor ottoman chairs that are made from different materials, but wicker is the best in my opinion.


Reading a book or just need something to rest your feet while you do something? Whatever ottoman you buy, most of them can serve as a footrest easily.

Storage Piece

Some Ottomans come with a special compartment where you can store and save items. It's very convenient in case you need to put away certain items that you don't want to be laying around, but still, need close and easy access to.

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