What Is an Ottoman Bed?


An Ottoman Bed is a bed designed to not only allow you to sleep on, but also store things inside. Think of it as a big drawer underneath your bed. If space is limited, then this piece of furniture could be ideal for you.

To access the storage area, you don't necessarily need to lift the whole bed or require much strength, ottoman beds come with a hydraulic system that makes it easy to open and close.

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Half Ottoman Bed vs Full Ottoman Bed

Full ottoman beds open fully when you pull it up and you have more space to store things in.

The advantages

  • More space
  • Easier to transport

The disadvantages

  • Harder to assemble
  • Requires more maintenance

Half ottoman beds however, open on the half end, and you don't have as much space for putting things.

The advantages

  • Easier to set up
  • Easier to access

The disadvantages

  • Less storage space

Why Is It Called an Ottoman Bed?

If you are familiar with the Ottoman Empire, it is derived from them. Europeans were fascinated by the piece of furniture that the Ottoman Turks had in their quarters. The unique piece of furniture not only could serve as a stool, but also a small table, a storage compartment, and footrest.

The design and functionality of such furniture became popular in Europe during the Victorian era and ever since manufacturers have been coming up with new designs and furniture pieces that maintain the spirit of the original Ottoman furniture.

Why Buy Ottoman Bed?

Save more space: Ottoman bed makes the best use out of space. So it is great for studio apartments or if you are low on space.

Keep you room tidy: You don't have to clutter your room with other mess in drawers or what not, you can simply store them underneath the bed away from sight.

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