Things to keep in mind when buying an ottoman chair


Welcome! So you've are considering to buy an ottoman chair? Great choice! I've been a few of the ottoman furniture design for years and have been recommending it to people since forever.

However, before you spend your hard earned cash on an ottoman chair, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to make the best use out of your cash and get the most value for your money.

What Do You Need it For?

Depending on your needs and what you want, the selection will vary. There are simple ottomans that are used as a stool or a footrest. Some have a storage piece, whereas some ottomans can even fold into a bed with a few steps.

Is your living space small or are you buying for a larger living room? These are some questions that you should ask yourself.

If you are getting an ottoman for a studio apartment or if you are tight on space, then these recommendations might be for you. Convertible ottoman chairs are great for saving space as you can turn it into a bed, a table, and many more things.

It helps keep things tidy and clean.

Material and Color

If you are wondering about designs and tips for decoration, read this.

Gray is usually the best color of choice as it can blend with man environments and are not limited like other colors. White, beige are also good colors that can lighten up your room and give a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

If you are not sure what colors will go best with your room environment and design, then here's a color palette for room decoration.

When it comes to material, I highly recommend you get linen. Linen is tough, is breathable which means the ottoman won't go smelly, and is more or less wrinkle resistant compared with other types of materials.

You could get velvet which looks royal and elegant, but it does attract a lot of dust and requires more maintenance.

Functionality and Use

If you want the best bang for the buck, foldable ottomans such as 4 in 1 ottoman guest beds are the best choice. For $200-$350, you basically get a chair, a coffee table, a stool, a footrest, and A BED!

You can fold it into different things and put it away into a closet if you want more open space for your room, so it's quite versatile. However, the more parts, pieces, bolts, and screws, the less durable it most likely is going to be.

However, if you are looking for something cheaper, ottoman poufs or simple ottoman storage stools are also a great choice. You can use it as a stool and a footrest. By itself, they can look great as well.

Ryan Mills
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