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Meditation Chair with Back Support

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The best way to experience the spiritual benefits of meditation is sitting in a comfortable chair. However, finding one that has the qualities you desire can be quite a challenge. One of the most desirable qualities for a meditation chair is comfort. Since most people spend so much time seated in front of their computers and watching television these days, it's hard to imagine spending anytime in an upright chair. Fortunately, many manufacturers have realized this concern and offer a variety of seating options. There is now the finest quality, highest-grade rama meditation chair available.

The highest quality of the rama meditation chair is made in Thailand, where the coconuts grow. Each piece of this ultimate meditation chair is hand crafted from rattan fibers harvested only from Asia. The result is that every roman sacral cushion is unique. A high-gloss soft seat cushion and an adjustable lumbar support are both available.

Another great characteristic of the highest-quality rama meditation chair is the unique foam seat. This is also created exclusively from rattan fibers harvested only in Asia. Because it has this high-quality foam seat, there is now also a soft lining that makes sitting more comfortable. The unique foam allows air to circulate, which helps to keep you cool during warm yoga exercises. The adjustable lumbar support also contributes to this comfortable airflow, allowing your spine to assume a more natural, relaxed meditation posture.

The seat is made with the finest rattan that is harvested in Thailand. When fully assembled, the chair takes on a full lotus appearance, with a full lotus blossom accent. The seat is fully padded from head to toe, and there are even removable layers of fleece to help keep you warm during cooler yoga sessions. The rama meditation chair is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. It also comes with a removable blanket that can be added on to when you are ready for a bit of extra relaxation.

The full lotus design and the chair's comfortable padding help to achieve an intimate setting for meditation. You will still be able to move freely as you connect with your inner being. Because the lotus flower represents eternity, this pose also represents an eternal realm. Sitting in the rama meditation chair, you become aware of your own humanity. Connecting with your humanity through the practice of yoga, you realize the true essence of all things - including yourself.

This chair is made in Thailand by International Yoga Products, one of the largest manufacturers of yoga equipment in the world. There are many styles of the rama chair, each designed to meet different preferences. One model has a footrest that adjusts in three dimensions. The seat reclines fully when raised to forty-five degrees, giving the best lumbar support available on the market. There is an additional sensor control that allows this chair to lower the seat to five degrees, for a more therapeutic seating position. This unique combination of adjustable lumbar support, seat and sensor control makes the rama chair one of the finest chairs available.

A single arm rest comfortably fits everyone, either at left or right angles. The armrest is comfortably padded with matching drawstring material, and the base adjusts at either twenty-three or twenty-two inches, depending on the model. The chair is made with a cushioned bottom that is fully adjustable, and has side handles at either end. The base of the chair is adjustable and fits everyone, from tall people to short people.

The top of the seat is contoured to gently encourage the natural inward curve of the spine, and includes a contoured base that conforms to the curves of your spine and the natural inward curve. The chair includes ergonomically friendly back support, with individually adjustable headrests. The rama chair incorporates a powerful sensor control that allows it to vary the angle of the seat by five different angles, for a custom fit that is comfortable for you. This unique seating solution is designed with the highest standards in craftsmanship and is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere.

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