raja meditation chair

raja meditation chair

Raja Meditation Chair

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The Raja Meditation Chair, as with all Raja Yoga Chairs, is designed with the conscious intention of invoking an awareness of deep gratitude and inner peace within each person. Designed with traditional Indian medicine and yoga philosophy in mind, the Raja Chair brings to life the ultimate in comfort and functionality while still offering the same touch of elegance found in traditional meditation chairs. The Raja Chair represents the fusion of Western technology and traditional Indian design. Its ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable for long periods of time. And its sculpted bamboo legs, with "Raja" and "Vishnu" handcrafted on the upper portion, combine with the upholstered cushions to create a chair that is truly unique.

With its sleek and modern look, the name Raja Meditation Chair comes from the Sanskrit for "awakening." This chair has been created using traditional Indian hardwoods to insure its strength and sturdiness. The backrest is covered in traditional Raja Yoga Sutshekhar, which is a highly prized traditional Indian leather. The handcrafted Mango wood is sourced from India, and "Raja" is a Sanskrit word for life. All of the hand crafted hardwood inserts utilized in the construction of this Raja Meditation Chair are hand crafted by the world's top craftsmen and artisans.

The most notable difference to this chair as compared to other Raja Meditation Chairs is its use of "Sanskrit" as the inspiration for the design. When you sit in the original Raja Chair, you are able to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its making. The chair is constructed entirely of rattan, and the cushion is made using the original fibers of rattan that were originally used to make furniture! The chair is cushioned on all of its sides with a specially handcrafted foam inserted so that the feet stay comfortable, and the chair itself stays very firm and comfortable. This is because the foam serves to add comfort and support to both the back and the entire body while you are seated.

This description of the inner workings of the Raja Meditation Chair gives a good idea of what it is. However, to truly understand how it works, it would be beneficial to understand the symbolism associated with it, and to look at the dimensions. The dimensions are those that are necessary in order for it to comfortably fit a person of average size and build. Its length is twenty inches from base to middle, and the height is four inches. It is slightly wider than long, but taller than the standard upright serenity chair. It is not wide but rather deep enough to fit an average sized adult.

This raja meditation chair though is not a one-size-fits-all. Its features can be altered to fit individual needs. For instance, the model featuring carved mango wood legs and headrest adds a sense of strength and solidity to the posture of the sitter. Its ergonomically shaped armrests can also be adjusted to fit properly. And so the variations between these three models are significant. Each is meant to contribute to improving the sitter's state of mind and consciousness.

Another important difference between these two chairs is the amount of seating room afforded by each model. The Lotus model boasts of large front and back seats that accommodate five people comfortably. The Maharaja chair, on the other hand, has a smaller front and back seats that only seat four people comfortably. This is most likely due to the standard measurements of this chair being much smaller than the Lotus, which is why it has only two front and two back seats. Its mango dimensions are however much larger than that of the Maharaja, which may account for its slightly longer w x 27 inch dimensions.

Although the chair we have here has all the notable differences to make our list of our top of the line race meditation chair, there are still some other things that make it our best choice. One of the best things about the Lotus is its ability to provide its sitter with an environment that is free from distractions. The deep, dark mahogany finish gives off a feeling of spirituality that no television show or radio could ever provide.

Another major benefit of these chairs is that they have a built in mechanism that allows for the cushions to expand and contract according to their needs. This is similar to how an air mattress works. Because the expansion and contraction of the cushion happen automatically, the cushion does not have to be used constantly for support, allowing you to change positions very quickly. The adjustable back cushion in our raja meditation chair is therefore another major advantage of these chairs over their competitors that offer the same features.

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