Ottoman Tray Styling Ideas


The ottoman tray in your living room can serve several purposes, including a footrest, a casual dining coffee table, or a place to store your remote controls.

Transforming a piece of furniture that serves a valuable purpose into an element of elegant design is one way that you can make it look significantly more appealing.

If you have an ottoman tray, you can quickly convert it into a coffee table by placing a stylish woven tray on top of it.

This section will discuss helpful hints for selecting an ottoman tray and the items to put on display.

You will also learn how to style the wood tray, allowing you to create a very fun, elegant, and functional point for your living area.

Ottoman Tray Ideas For Your Space


To avoid the situation where there is an excessive amount of clutter on your ottoman tray, it would be ideal if you designed it in a way that was straightforward and organized. Include some height, texture, and color.

A stylish storage box is a perfect place to stow away everyday necessities like coasters, a notebook, and remote controls.

Include coffee table books on the tray if there is sufficient room for them; this will lend graphic significance to the display.

Arrange the books in the stack, so each size has an odd number, going from largest to smallest.

The finishing touch should be a gorgeous accessory, such as a cloisonne dish.

Fresh flowers, incense, reed diffusers, or a nebulizer that uses essential oils can be used to create an olfactory display that will improve the room.

Using flickering votives, a decorative lantern or a candle with three wicker trays is an additional method for producing an intimate ambiance that can be applied to the tray.

If you want to construct an attractive arrangement on your new tray, use this instruction as a starting point.

Put something in each of the three or four-quadrant rules you have created by dividing the tray in half.

Choose small objects from conceptually related categories, such as books, collectibles, souvenirs, plants, or candles, to create a cohesive presentation.

Altering things according to the changing seasons or putting together an entirely new display are options.

Incorporating natural components that contribute texture and warmth is another alternative.

A tray can be given an organic feel by decorating it with miniature succulents, shells, driftwood, geodes, and coral. 

Ottoman Tray Design Ideas

  1. Wooden Tray with Succulents
  2. Contemporary Ottoman Tray Ideas
  3. Small Silver Ottoman Tray Ideas
  4. Ottoman Tray with Candles

1. Wooden Tray with Succulents

The focal point of this living room, which is organized in the form of a U, is a round white ottoman.

A living room that is on the smaller side would benefit from having its furnishings arranged in a U-shape.

You are required, however, to incorporate either a coffee table or a round ottoman as the primary point of the room.

Because you and your guests will be seated around it, you might want to consider adorning the very top of it with something spectacular, such as some stunning succulents.

You will need a tray to place them on top of it because it is not a coffee table. In addition to that, the tray will serve as a suitable anchor for the succulents.

2. Contemporary Ottoman Tray Ideas


Whoever said that a tray's only use is to hold food and drink is clearly mistaken. At other times, it might serve as a safe sanctuary for various ornamental artifacts.

The space in this living room is given an artistic appearance by a plain wooden tray stained in a dark brown color similar to the legs of the upholstered ottoman tray used as a coffee table.

This tray is decorated with two white chandeliers with a traditional touch.

An old coffee table is perched on top of a book pile, drawing more attention to it and helping it stand out more among other coffee tables.

3. Small Silver Ottoman Tray Ideas

This is another example of an eclectic living room that is worthy of emulation.

The presence of pink and green on the coffee table contributes to an upbeat and pleasant atmosphere.

The gray ottoman tray that serves as the room's focal point is encircled with silver beads.

The ottoman tray is topped with an antique silver tray, which also complements the accent.

Due to the item's diminutive size, all that is required is a tall transparent vase and a mirrored glass.

4. Ottoman Tray with Candles

Stick to a color scheme mainly composed of neutral tones if you want to spruce up your living room but are nervous about giving it a disheveled appearance. With this color scheme, you simply cannot make a mistake.

The brown leather armchair and couch in this modern living room give the space an appearance of refined sophistication.

A tray that is the same color as the rest of the piece is placed in the middle to finish off the look.

When there is a power outage, the assortment of white candles in this tray, which come in various sizes, will also come in handy for your coffee table.

In addition, it may have a potted plant or two, which, when combined with the subdued lighting, can contribute to creating an intimate setting.

Tips to help you choose your decorative tray


When you see some gorgeous goods grouped together in a collection, that's when the confusion starts.

Specific steps need to be taken to locate the most suitable collection of wooden trays for your home coffee table.

Even if it is not too expensive, you will not be able to purchase all of them. Here are some great tips for choosing your decorative tray;

Set a theme

Setting a theme is often recommended as the first step in any home décor project.

Half of the work is done as soon as you decide on a theme. In the end, there will be zero confusion.

For example, if you want to decorate your home with tinted glass, you'll need to locate the correct hue to complement your walls and other decors.

When it comes to a metal theme, you have a wide range of possibilities. To come up with a theme, think about the color of your walls and the other furnishings in your space.

Consult periodicals or the internet for inspiration if you want to redo the complete room's decor.

Find a centerpiece or a focal point


Anything can serve as a centerpiece. It will be seen as the centerpiece of the room's design.

If you're still unsure where to start, picking out a centerpiece is an excellent place to start.

It might be your tray or the stuff you want to keep on it. Alternatively, a Metal Decorative Tray is an example of an object that must match the overall concept of its room.

You may achieve a moody yet refined look with galvanized alloys. A metal square tray will have a distinct metallic hue depending on the alloy used.

A set of three tray ideas that may be used in different places is perfect.

Opt for a lavish design if you want to make a statement in your home's interior. Metal trays with a glossy flat surface can also be found to enhance the look of your space.

Once you've decided on a modern Metal oval Tray set, the rest of the accessories will be much easier to track down.

The shape of the trays

In today's world, exotic patterns can take almost any form imaginable. There are instances in which the trays take on a rectangular or oval form.

Give your home's interior a fresh look by including an abstract shape in the list of items you purchase.

The assortment of geometric shapes combined with a bright color will be perfect for contemporary homes.

When you have settled on a plan to decorate your home modernly and stylishly, you will immediately begin to think about beautiful themes.

You can transform an ordinary spot into a great part that will get the attention of your guests.

To bring out that area's full brilliance, put a magnificent Decorative boxes Ottoman Tray on top of the neutral space.

The atmosphere that will be emanated from the marble surface and the one-of-a-kind geometric shapes will be unrivaled.

Check the contour of the furniture's surface to determine its shape before adding an Ottoman marble tray.

When selecting a marble Otttray, it is essential to consider its color palette.

Maximalist or minimalist


A minimalist or a maximalist vintage item is the focus of a modern home's decor. It's a straightforward explanation. You'll know what to do because of the setting.

Neutral-colored walls look good with a minimalistic style. The chosen motif will not work with products that are bulkier and more voluptuous in nature.

An attractive Marble Tray Set will go nicely in this situation. Your options should be balanced and compatible with one another.

A minimalist theme might be ruined if you include too many redundant components. Don't overcomplicate things; instead, keep things basic and straightforward.

Keep your lovely platters and other decorative objects in mind if you have decided to go maximalist. Avoid overcrowding the living space with unnecessary trinkets.

Maximalist ornaments can be purchased per the tray's dimensions to make it worthwhile.

For a bonsai display, neutral-colored galvanized or Decorative Marble Tray are excellent choices.

If you'd want to display flowers in a glass vase, consider using metallic or glittery vases. Wooden trays blend well with just about every decor scheme.

Using trays for other purposes

Apart from decoration, a tray set can be used for various purposes. Its beauty will entice the guests. For instance, you can use a Wooden Tray set for a small outdoor brunch.

In most cases, the wooden trays carry their natural aura. Decorshore offers a beautiful collection of mango wood trays.

These trays are easy to carry and execute your tasks. The ottoman tray for decoration does not have handles.

These trays are also a remarkable addition to your dining table décor.

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On the Ottoman tray, you can display flowers, cacti, bonsai, other small plants, and spherical stones.

The neutral marble or granite ornamental round tray is ideal for ottoman tray ideas. Fruits can be stored in a Wooden Decorative round Tray.

For books, toiletries, etc., metallic Ottoman trays are ideal. Get creative and find the best decorative trays on the internet using your own imagination.

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