How To Put A Throw On A Leather Sofa


There are few products as versatile as throws in the world of interior design. They're great for cuddling up in, but they can also be a stylish addition to your home.

A nice throw is essential to prevent guests from getting their butts stuck to your shiny leather sofa.

Knowing where to put a throw on a sofa makes a significant difference. So, what are the identified best ways to do this?

Ways to Put a Throw on a Leather Sofa

  1. Folding Throw Blankets
  2. Positioning Throw Blankets
  3. Decorating with Throw Blankets

1. Folding Throw Blankets


If you value structure, fold the throw into thirds: It doesn't matter how many people are seated on the sofa if the blanket is folded in thirds.

Fold the blanket in half lengthwise and carefully place it in the center of your lap.

It can be draped as-is or folded throw in half to keep one end from dragging on the floor.

It's up to you whether you want to drape the blanket over your sofa's cushions, armrests, or back.

For a rumpled sleek look, fold the throw in half. A little "organized dishevelment." enhances the appearance of some throws (particularly cable-knit blankets).

You can drape your blanket over the sofa's armrests, back, or cushions by folding it in half. You may even place it on the couch if you like a more casual style.

For casual styling, quarter your throw: Fold the length of your toss in half, then half again.

Throw a throw pillow over the part of the sofa that is facing the front of the couch and drape it over the other corner of the couch.

As a final step, you may simply drape it over the arm of the sofa.

To make it look comfy, position an unfolded blanket on the sofa. Folding a throw isn't necessary for all.

Blanket Folded, light-weight blankets look fantastic, but thick woven throws (like sheepskin or wool) look cozy when laid out on the couch.

With little care, your sofa may become a cozy place to curl up and relax.

2. Positioning Throw Blankets


For a modern look, cascade your blanket down the side: A simple, subtle technique to dress up a sofa is to arrange it on one side only.

The blanket can be thrown over the side or folded in three ways. With this option, the ideal way to fold the blanket is lengthwise.

To keep things cozy, place your blanket in the corner: Tuck it in one corner for a softer look by folding it in quarters.

This will allow anyone who wants to use it to do so with ease—a warm, rather than formal, decorating style benefit from using a throw blanket in the couch corner.

For a tailored look, fold your throw over one arm: Place the blanket on the arm of your sofa for a mix of comfort and style. To add a personal touch, fold the blanket in half and sling it over your arm.

If you use it often, drape your throw blanket horizontally: If you have roommates or guests staying with you, you can utilize your leather sofa as a temporary bed.

It should be able to move about without substantially interfering with other decorations.

Fold the blanket in thirds and back drape it across the back of your leather sofa to provide extra warmth and comfort.

For easy access, fold the blanket in half and drape it over an ottoman: Put the blanket over the footrest if your couch is sectional.

Short sides together, fold the blanket in half, making a long rectangle.

Then, spread it out over the sofa or ottoman to create a layer of interest and texture. This is a fashionable and popular choice at the moment.

3. Decorating with Throw Blankets


To add vibrancy, choose a colorful throw: Neutral blankets go well with various color-coordinated pieces of furniture.

However, if your living room has a single color palette, bright throw blankets might add a splash of color.

Depending on the season, you might use chilly colors in the fall and winter and warm hues in the spring and summer.

Rooms with dim lighting benefit from using light colors (yellow and orange, for example).

Add a textured throw pillow: Adding a few decorative pillows to your blanket can dress it up a bit while also providing you with a soft place to rest your head.

Choose a pillow that is the same color as your blanket rather than smattering different hues. Rather than using the same material, try something different like sheepskin or velvet.

The amount of pillow you should use is determined by the capacity of your sofa.

Smaller couches and sectionals just need one or two pillows; however, larger sofas and sectionals can use as many as you like.

Pick a multipurpose, functional throw blanket: A throw blanket can be used for more than just keeping people warm and looking good.

When looking for picnic blankets, look for ones constructed of durable materials. Alternatively, a satin table runner can be found as a blanket.

Adopt the throw blanket to add contrast. The pattern can be overstimulating, yet too little can make a place feel stale or dull.

Choose a single color blanket for patterned sofas. Throws with wild prints, such as paisley or plaid, look great throw blanket draped over solid-colored sofas.

How to keep a throw on your leather sofa like a Pro?

In general, decorating a slick leather couch is tough since you're constantly battling to keep cushions and blankets in place on the surface of the leather sofas.

Here are a few pointers to help you keep things from slipping down the furniture. Fixing the problem is as simple as following these steps;

1. Add Buttons


This popular method is suitable when decorating the arms or back of a sofa.

Attach the buttons with furniture by following the steps below:

  • First, lay this on the back or arms of the sofa, whichever you like.
  • Make an indent with a pencil where both the top and bottom corners of a side will lay.
  • Remember to sew the buttons on the backside or the side of the arms that are not facing the front seats.
  • Stitch two leather-colored buttons in the designated spot. A ribbon is used to create loops, which are then stitched together on the same side.
  • Put it in place using the loops and buttons provided.

2. Add fasteners

Fastening or joining two surfaces is made possible using the Velcro tape's two fabric pieces of furniture.

All you have to do is cut a length of Velcro tape to match the width spanning of the throw, sew one side of the tape to the throw and the other side to the sofa, usually at the back of one arm, and connect the square or rectangular throw to the couch with this tape.

Then, you may arrange it any way you like on the couch.

3. Stitch a piece of thick fabric at one end of the throw

Because they are usually thin and need a little support to stay in place, adding a heavy fabric to one end will make the throw a little heavier.

The best way to achieve this is to cut a thick piece of the towel into the desired length, sew it on one end with the same color thread, and rest it towards the rear so that the towel and threads are completely hidden.

4. Add cushions and pillows


Cushions are a must-have for a sofa's few decorative items and comforting components.

Spread out a variety of cushions and match throw pillows throughout the entire sofa length, literally throwing.

You can drape a throw on your car's backseat using this method. It will be protected by the cushions, keeping it from falling.

What material of throw blanket suits a leather sofa?

  1. Fleece or fur throws
  2. Cotton throws
  3. Cashmere throws

1. Fleece or fur throws

Fleece throws are popular among consumers due to their cushy softness. With leather hues, fleece is a good choice because it is a slightly thick and heavy fabric.

For my dark-colored furniture, I always go for a light-toned fleece throw. Because they appear expensive but are cheap, these are a great buy.

Several low-cost alternatives to real furs, such as synthetic and faux fur, are available and look just as good.

2. Cotton throws

I use cotton throws during the summer to give my room a more airy and carefree atmosphere. Cotton is a low-maintenance fabric that can withstand both high and low humidity.

They come in various pastels and whites, with no hint of bright color—the typical features of twisted or tassel borders and block or striped motifs on the base.

The quality of hand-woven cotton is something I appreciate.


3. Cashmere throws

These blankets are a favorite of mine because of their high-quality cotton. You may pair them with leather furniture for a look that's both warm and stylish.

What design of a throw blanket goes well with a leather sofa?

The first step is to look at your sofa's style and design. Use a pattern or texture since it adds interest to the overall design.

It's advisable to use light-colored items for folks with dark-colored sofas like black or brown.

Monochrome throws with a slightly lighter shade of the same hue as the leather are most suited for dark-colored couches.

Woven-gray works well with black and brown leather, while printed white with some yellow, cream, or brown colors are best suited for furniture with a deep brown color scheme.

I'm not a fan of animal prints in a dark tone since they hide all of their elegance and grace, making them look shabby.

On the other hand, if you already have a leather sofa in a light tone, such as beige, light brown, or light grey, you should always go for a black hue to add a color splash into the room.

You should select printed textiles with rich and deep color tones when looking for light shades.


Can you put throw pillows on a leather couch?

Yes, You can put the pillows on a leather couch. However, you should use rough materials to keep the leather blanket from sliding off.

However, in some cases, the leather is to blame. Do any of the following to avoid slipping on leather;


Place some Velcro tape below your throw if it keeps slipping off the leather couch.

A properly placed blanket to hide the threads can be stitched using a thread the same color as your Velcro tape.

With the constant usage of the sofa accessory, the minimum effortless look required is well worth it, even if you're not an expert in sewing.


Another way to keep the throw in place is to have buttons sewn into the leather sofa. Then, on the blanket, sew the loops for them.  


A thicker material might be better if the throw keeps falling off the leather couch. Pillows on the sofa can also be mixed and matched, with some adding weight to the blanket subtly.

You can also use the weight of the furniture to tuck the blanket between the cushion and the frame.


Final Thoughts

You can see why it's so common for people to believe that a throw blanket is essential in any well-decorated home.

A throw is a must-have if you own a leather couch if you want to make it more welcoming and comfortable to sit on.

In addition to picking the correct throw for your room's design aesthetic, you also need to consider how you want to arrange your throw after you have it.

A throw blanket can be used to make a statement in various ways. No, I'm not a filer! A person who prefers a loose blanket toss? Do you prefer Sofa draping? Play around and see what works best for you.

There are no incorrect solutions here. However, there's sure to be one that stands out from the crowd.

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