How To Place Accent Chairs In Living Room

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Many homeowners would love to find inspiration for stylish and practical accent chairs.

Finding the perfect accent chair for your home requires some forethought. Think about the primary purposes for which you'll be using the living room. 

If you're working with a sizable space, consider curating a room around a single eye-catching arm and armless chair rather than trying to fit every possible style into it.

What Are Accent Chairs Used For?

Accent Chairs

1 – Dining Room Chairs

However, accent chairs can be an excellent replacement for traditional captain's lounge chairs when used at the head of the table, which is why you might not see many of them there.

Mixing standard dining chairs with smaller accent chairs (with or without armrests) can make for a truly memorable meal.

Find a dark leather chair or another stain-resistant upholstery material if you need it to be used frequently for this purpose.

2 – Entryway Chairs

Despite the prevalence of entryways with benches in a magazine and Pinterest images, few actual homes have enough space for an entire bench in the foyer or entryway. An accent chair can serve this purpose.

While this is a more compact option, you'll still have enough room to put on or take off shoes next to the door and matching set down your purse while you check your hair and makeup in the mirror.

Also, if you need extra seating, you can move the accent chair to another room.

3 – Reading Chair in the Bedroom


To get the most out of your sleep, it's best to keep your bed as a place to relax, free from distractions like reading, working, or watching TV.

That's why it's a good idea to designate a quiet corner of your guest bedrooms as a reading nook, where you can go to get away from the rest of the house's activity before you go to sleep.

Sit back and relax at the end of the day with the accent chair, ottoman, pouf, and nightstand set you need.

4 – Office Chair

Even if it can't rock and swivel, that doesn't make it a bad choice for an office chair.

You don't need both of those things on a small desk in your home office unless you really like them.

If you want an accent chair to double as a desk chair, remember to consider the desk's depth when making your purchase.

Don't settle for a chair that won't fit under the coffee table in comfort.

You should select a chair that you can relax in for several hours. But you should also look for something with a lot of visual appeals.

5 – Living Room Seating

In the living room, accent chairs can serve as extra seating.

Ensure that everyone visiting has a place to sit by adding one or two accent chairs to your living room collection of sofas, sectionals, chaise lounge chairs, and loveseats.

Additionally, we have a wide variety of living room furniture pieces so that you can find the ideal coffee table, sofa table, end table, side table, or cart to round out your new decor.

How Many Accent Chairs Do You Need?

Accent Chairs You Need

A minimum of two accent chairs should be present in the living room arrangement.

Most interior designers will advise you to have a minimum of four or five seats in your living room, including sofas.

If there is already a couch in the room, you might consider adding two accent chairs and then either another more compact sofa or an additional accent chair.

Living room accent chair ideas

1. Let your accent chairs dictate the color scheme

Kit Kemp, interior designer and founder of Firmdale Hotels, advises against using a solid color or pattern on the upholstered lounge chairs and furniture in the living room space.

Accent chairs can serve as a jumping-off point for your design; use them to add a splash of color or a different texture to the room.

2. Focus on furniture

Flora Soames, an interior designer and fabric expert, advises not to be too functional when thinking of accent chair ideas for a workspace.

You don't have to choose between interesting form and function; given that we're all spending more time in our home office, it needs to be comfortable and visually pleasing.

Interior designer Joanna Wood claims that a poorly designed home office is the single most significant source of distraction for productive thought. Beautiful ergonomic design is possible.

Living room accent chair ideas

3. Put luxury at the forefront

Accent chairs can make or break the look of a room, so it's essential to choose the right materials and strategically place them.

If you want to avoid giving the room a "bowling alley" feel, arrange accent chairs at an angle like in the image above.

If your living room space is long and narrow, this arrangement is ideal for cozy chats and relaxed gatherings.

4. Give a tired chair a fresh update

Armchairs that have seen better days can be given a new lease on life with some decorative paint or upholstery and displayed with pride.

What kind of use will this slipper chair get regularly, and should you go with a more delicate fabric or something that can withstand lots of wear and tear

Surprisingly, fabrics made from silk or mohair can last for a long time and even look better with age.

You can put form before function when accent furniture like stools and ottomans.

5. Use color to great effect


Adding a pop of color to the upholstery is a simple way to update a kitchen with neutral or cream tones.

When you want to add a pop of color without the hassle of repainting cabinets, try something like new chairs, bar stools, blinds, or banquettes.

For larger rooms, an accent chair color can serve as a means of visual separation by emphasizing a certain section.

The dining area is separated from the kitchen by a bold accent color on the upholstered chairs in this open floor plan.

6. Set up tea for two

Not every concept for an accent chair requires it to be the room's focal point. Successful schemes often feature carefully coordinated elements that flow into one another.

The bistro set may seem cliché to some, but it actually retains a certain allure even today. 

Here, one is placed by designer Alexandra Noble in a secluded spot with gentle vegetation all around.

The client requested a natural-feeling area with few man-made features.

7. Provide a place to perch in an entryway 

For a warm and inviting foyer, it's essential to visualize the impression the room will make on guests.

You can get a similar look by investing in a statement accent chair and piling on the cushions for comfort and leg style.

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Tips for Decorating with Accent Chairs

Decorating with Accent Chairs

1. Decide where to place the chair

Accent chairs are used for more than just aesthetics when decorating a room; their placement in the room matters, and they must complement the existing elements.

The placement of chairs in a room should keep the room's equilibrium, whether the chairs are facing each other, on opposite sides of a coffee table, or in a room's corner.

Accent chairs are a great addition to more formal rooms like the living room or den, but they need to be arranged to promote conversation.

Additional seating arrangements in these rooms should work in harmony with the arrangement of tables and other furniture.

2. Select the right fabric

It's essential to choose a fabric that's durable enough seating to withstand regular washings and exposure to the elements, even though many seating options are visually appealing.

In the long run, you want your accent chairs to look still great and fit in with the style of your home even if you decide to update the rest of the furniture.

It's essential to look for chairs with sturdy fabrics to last as long as possible and keep their good looks.

This is especially critical if the accent chair will be used frequently and in a high-traffic area of the home.

Constant exposure to sunlight, however, can go undetected. The fabric you choose for the chair must be able to withstand direct sunlight if it is placed in such a location.

3. Choose a color and pattern fit for your space


The accent chair you pick for your room will reflect your unique style and taste.

It's possible to make an accent chair the focal point of a room by giving it a bold color and placing it there. 

Making a bold fashion statement in a room is as simple as selecting a bold, complementary color or a unique, eye-catching pattern.

Not everything has to be in bright, bold colors and intricate patterns to be noticed.

Neutral-colored chairs with understated embellishments are one option for sprucing up a room's decor.

Decoist suggests that if you want a more understated look for the accent chair or chairs, you should look for a piece with a striped design.

This design is adaptable and can be used to add some subtle visual texture to any space in your home.

4. Mix tones for a complete look

If you want to achieve a polished look in your home's decor, try using a variety of textures and tones that work together harmoniously.

Combine contrasting fabrics, metals, and wood finishes.

As this trend seems firmly rooted in most accent chairs, the blending of tones is popular in home decor.

Intentionally combined wood finishes and metal components make for a more unified first impression.

The point of mixing finishes is to make them look similar even though they are actually very different.

Mixing wood end tables, coffee tables, or sofa tables with complementary undertones will help give the pieces a familiar relationship and achieve a harmonious blend of different tones in your home.

Mixes of brass, gold, black, and silver are all equally harmonious in a room so that metals can be used more haphazardly in interior design.

Knobs, pulls, slipper chair legs, and even statues could all benefit from metal accents.

5. Keep the look classy with a winged chair

You might find that the traditional wingback chair, with its peculiar yet mesmerizing profile, is exactly the accent chair that is missing from your home.

Wingback chairs were typically arranged around the fireplace in a home.

However, these traditional chairs have a contemporary flair that makes them suitable for any modern style.

This functional accent piece can be styled in any room of the house, including the entryway foyer, bedroom, hallway, dining room, or living area.

Its appearance can be either classic or contemporary, depending on the setting.

6. Use a barrel chair for a softer touch


A barrel-style accent chair is a great choice to give your home a more contemporary look.

According to MyDomaine, this design, also known as a "tub chair," was widely used during the peak of mid-century modern decor.

The backrest of this type of chair is typically rounded or curved. 

The seat cushions on some varieties of barrel chairs are completely spherical, while others have straight front sides.

The sculpture of this type of chair not only helps to fill in an empty corner, but it does so in a way that complements the rest of the existing decor.

7. Pair them together

Multiple accent chairs, rather than just one, can be a great way to give additional seating capacity to a given room in your home.

It's common practice to supplement space with a single accent chair or a pair of complementary accent chairs.

More than two accent chairs in a living room, as stated by Joss & Main, will make said space feel crowded and disrupt the natural flow.

8. Size and features define style

You can make a bold design statement with any variety of side chairs or accent chairs. There is an accent chair to define any style. The details are where your personal flair can really shine through.

You should search for chairs that appeal to your sense of style by looking for details like piping, metal accent chair, or studs.

These additional elements are what give your home its unique character and character.

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