How to pick the right ottoman for accent chair?


If you are planning on matching an ottoman with an accent chair, there are a few things to keep in mind such as the size, the color, where to put the furniture, etc.

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Where to put the accent chair & ottoman?

Accent chairs when combined with an ottoman is a better fit when it is a standalone piece.

While some people like to have a set of two next to a small coffee table or in a kitchen, when you bring an ottoman into the mix, it just looks awkward and weird.

It's better suited as a relaxing spot where you can watch a TV or read a book, or maybe a corner chair next to an end table.

How to choose the style?

There are all different styles of accent chairs. From modern, to Victorian and classical, depending on the accent chair style, the ottoman should follow suit. Otherwise, you will have 2 pieces that don't go well with each other.

The standard rule to follow is to make sure both the accent chair and ottoman are of the same design and theme for consistency.

In 21st century, contemporary and minimalist are becoming popular, so if you want something more of the current times, go with

Choosing the material

It is best practice to match the material with the accent chair as well. It doesn't mean you can't have different materials, but just that they should look somewhat of a similar texture. So if you have a chair that is made out of cotton, or polyester an ottoman made out of cotton or polyester will look better.

Matching with cotton & polyester accent chair

The same material will look the best, but a leather padded ottoman or contemporary design will suit best.

Matching with leather accent chair

Matching leather with leather is best, but you can go with upholstered fabric such as cotton or polyester.

Matching with velvet accent chair

Silk or something shiny will go well with velvet. Velvet has a sense of Victorian and elegant feel, so the ottoman should have a similar theme.

Choosing the ottoman sizing

In order to maintain balance, the ottoman should always be smaller than the accent chair. Follow the rule of 1/3, so 33% of the size of the chair is a good proportion to follow.

The bigger the chair, the bigger the ottoman should be, but in proportion obviously.

How to get the height right?

Matching the colors

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