How to Decorate With Oversized Chair


A living room is not complete without an oversized chair to complete the whole look. It's an integral piece of furniture that not only decorates your environment, but it's a necessary piece of the puzzle to provide a comfortable environment for people.

Decoration next to a sofa

chair next to sofa

When it comes to oversized chairs, you want to make sure it compliments the other furniture. If it's too big, the balance will be off.

The chair should be no more than 30% of volume or space compared to the sofa. Anything smaller or bigger might lose its balance

You can have a coffee table, or something in the middle fill up space. A rug is also a good addition.

A reading corner

a chair and ottoman next to a window

Sometimes the corner of a room is a very good place to put an oversized chair and ottoman, especially next to a window.

Having your back against a wall gives people a sense of security and safety, so it's the perfect spot to read a book or take a nap.

You can place a coffee corner table if you enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee while taking some rest.

Putting it in your bedroom

In some cases, you can choose to put it in your bedroom, if you have enough space that is. It can serve as a spot where you can get some privacy away from all the noise.

Maybe it can function as a reading chair or a gaming chair.

4 Oversized Chairs and Coffe Table

people sitting around a coffee table

If you want an intimate atmosphere where people can look at each other while talking, whilst allowing comfort for all people, then this arrangement is something you should try.

Medium sized chairs are best for this, and a small coffee table in the middle.

Is it a good idea to place it in the kitchen?

The kitchen is not a good place for an oversized chair. Usually the material will be made out of fabric, so anything you cook in the kitchen might soak into your chair.

There is also the risk of people accidentally spilling drinks or food on your chair in the kitchen.

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