How Much Do Ottomans Cost?

If you are thinking of buying Ottoman furniture, here are some breakdown of the cost associated with different types.

Ottoman Chairs - Usually range between $30 - $70 depending on the size and the style of the chair.

Ottoman Tables - Although Ottoman chairs can be used as tables, if you are specifically looking for oversized, and bigger Ottomans, then these range from $100 - $200 depending on the size, brand, and material.

Ottoman Storages - Storages can be as cheap as $20, up to $200. The price really varies because the sizes are different and different brands have differing material quality and build.

Ottoman Folding Beds - You can expect to pay on average $150 for a decent Ottoman bed, but if you are looking for quality, then be prepared to pay around $250.

Ottoman Cushions - If you are just buying the cushion for a sofa, it should be around $20, but for poufs and cushion chairs, it is usually around $40.