How Much Do Ottomans Cost?


Adding an ottoman is a simple way to make your living room feel more inviting. They are commonly found and have a modern look.

The price tag is hefty for such a stylish versatile piece of furniture. It may seem extravagant to some. How much do Ottomans typically cost?

Cost for different types of ottomans

Pricing is more mall-specific than product-specific. The price of an Ottoman can vary widely depending on where you buy it.

Ottoman Coffee Table

These are in the same price range as coffee tables, roughly $200-$500. Fabric, dimensions, and available space all play a role in pricing.

If they are faux leather, expect to pay a higher price. Pricing scales up proportionally with size. It's only fair that the price would go up proportionally with the amount of space it offers.

Storage Ottoman


The primary function of these ottomans is as extra storage. They typically have compartments, shelves, or both for storing things like magazines, TV remotes, and books. In some cases, the top can be removed entirely.

Various storage ottoman bench styles are available. However, they have other applications besides storage.

They serve storage solution, and multiple purposes such as a seat, footrest, and drink holder. That's the top-tier nailhead of account ottomans right here.

These can be found for as little as $200 or as much as $600 for a storage ottoman bench and assembly required.

Footstool Ottoman

Perhaps the most reasonably priced option. The size and function are the primary factors in this. Because of their diminutive stature (as low as 12 inches), they take up hardly any space.

They serve primarily as footstools or extra seat. Depending on the retailer, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$300 for one of these.

Ottoman chairs


With its plush cushioning and versatile design, an ottoman chair is the ultimate in relaxation and convenience.

You can put it in your office or study to kick back after a long day, or in your living room furniture, bedroom, or RV to kick back while watching TV, reading, gaming, or napping.

An ottoman chair is a type of upholstered chair that reclines back and reclines far back.

Determine the height you need by measuring the distance from the floor to the top of the chair's cushion.

An ottoman that is a few inches lower than the chair height can be more comfortable seating for some people, especially those with knee problems.

Ottoman Folding Beds

Folding beds from the Ottoman style require a mattress and a frame. The bed frame can be folded down into a more compact size when it's not in use.

Wheels, carrying cases, or both are included with some models of the ottoman folding bed, making them easier to transport.

Mattresses for foldable beds are commonly made of foam or coils by manufacturers.

An Ottoman fold-up bed is a convenient and space-saving way for homeowners to host overnight guests, accommodate unexpected visitors, or simply maximize their existing floor plan and living room.

People with limited living space in their homes who need to local stores a folding bed in an existing bedroom may want to look into purchasing a platform bed.

You can put things under the slats, so they're good for storage.

Ottoman Cushions


Cushions for ottomans are a great addition to any patio set. Complete the look of your outdoor haven by coordinating the cushions on your ottoman, chairs, and other furniture.

For a more streamlined look, we concealed the zippers on our ottoman cushions with "invisible" fabrics.

Cushions for ottomans can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, including square, rectangular, and round, with optional welting and fabrics button.

Customers who plan to kick up their feet in the backyard often purchase extra-thick ottoman cushions.

It is also possible to purchase indoor ottoman cushions in either Standard Foam or Deluxe Indoor fill for the best results in the house.

Things that make ottomans expensive


Turkey's once-powerful Ottoman Empire is where the term "Ottoman" was first used.

It originated in posh members-only clubs frequented by the wealthy and quickly made its way into ordinary households.

In the 18th century, this adaptable piece of furniture with faux fur made its way to Europe and its price. It has since found its way into many private collections around the globe.



Finding high-quality pieces is always a priority for us when furnishing our home. The higher the quality, the longer it will last and the less likely it is to break.

Manufacturers of upholstered furniture like ottomans usually make an effort to ensure that each and everyone they sell is of high quality and have nailhead trim.

This raises the price. These ottomans are built to last for decades, so you can use them in your home without having to worry about replacing them.


An ottoman serves as more than just an extra seat. Its high price tag is due to the many applications it provides.

It's versatile enough to serve as a seat, a footstool, a side table, or even a coffee table. They're versatile and can be used in any room.

This isn't something that can be done only in the family room. A bathroom is a common place for some people to keep their ottomans.


Aside from being used for ottomans, wood has also been used for other types of furniture.

Bamboo, Cedar, Maple, Oak, Pine, Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany are just some of the woods that are used to craft ottomans.

Harvesting hardwood is more difficult than softwood. Because of their small size, this is the case.

Various designs and sizes


Design has eternal value. This is why antique ottomans command such high prices when sold today. It's common for some of them to be handed down through the ages.

This item quickly rises in value and importance. These ottomans are of high quality and will serve you for many years. There is a wide variety of ottomans to choose from. Choices can be made at will.


There is a price tag associated with being one of the most recognizable brands in the world. They invested time and resources into developing their business's name recognition, advertising, workforce, and product excellence. That's why you'll always pay a premium for these brands' products.

This is not unique to ottomans and applies to all products. It is not just the labels that can drive up the cost of an ottoman.

Fashion designers often invest significant time into a single item before selling it at a premium.

Why are ottomans so expensive?

There are numerous factors that contribute to an Ottoman's high price, including but not limited to its country of origin, quality of construction, design, and intended use.

Extra seating is just one of many possible applications for these versatile items. Most ottoman furniture is crafted from expensive wood, typically hardwood.

What Can You Do With An Ottoman?


The most effective ways to decorate with ottomans capitalize on the functional and aesthetic benefits of the furniture piece.

Ottomans, in contrast to hard nailhead trim (wood, metal, etc.) side tables and end tables, feature a plush fabric top, naturally texturizing and softening any and all elements.

You can use an ottoman in the living room as a coffee table by placing a tray on top and filling it with a vase, candle holders, or a coffee table book.

Throwing a blanket over the side of an ottoman, preferably one with contrasting colours and textures is an easy way to call attention to the ottoman's plush/fabric/extra seating elements (as opposed to its table function).

Of course, ottomans can serve other purposes in the living room furniture besides the coffee table or seat; one such purpose is as an extension of your television stand.

Most TV stands and entertainment centres have storage and functions low to the ground, so placing an ottoman next to them can help create a ledge of sorts, which can be useful for holding or perching on while adjusting a gaming console or speaker.

Can you reupholster an ottoman?

To customize an ottoman to your tastes and decor, reupholstering it is a simple process. Reupholstering can be done by the owner or by a professional service.

Do it yourself by purchasing upholstery fabric and the necessary tools and supplies. Use one of the many helpful tutorials available on YouTube.

It is more time and cost-effective to hire a professional re-upholstery service because they have the necessary expertise and equipment.

Slipcovers are a great alternative to re-upholstering when it comes to protecting your ottoman. Pick from a wide variety of fabrics to complement your existing furnishings.

You might also be interested in the step-by-step guide on How to reupholster an ottoman. Visit our article for more information!

How much does it cost to reupholster an ottoman? 


From $300 to $700 is about the going rate for reupholstering an ottoman. The price tag will go down if you keep the decorating to a minimum and choose a compact ottoman.

More money may be needed for unusual materials and intricate patterns. Diamond-tufted upholstery, for example, is an expensive luxury.

A simple measuring ruler, some sandpaper, scissors, a screwdriver, and a knife are all you need to reupholster an ottoman, and they won't break the bank. These things are lying around the house.

You can find more information on how much the process of reupholstering an ottoman costs in this helpful blog post.

Is it cheaper to reupholster or buy a new ottoman?

When compared to doing it yourself, hiring a reupholstering service is more expensive.

If you want a new ottoman to complement your existing furniture perfectly, you should expect to spend more money. One way to cut costs is by having the upholstery redone.

Cost-effectiveness is relative to the quality of the materials used. You should make your own call after considering the advantages and disadvantages of both reupholstering and purchasing a new ottoman.

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