Guide to Buying an Ottoman Furniture


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Why Buy Ottoman Furniture

Ottoman furniture is one of the most versatile, but yet affordable furniture pieces that you will find. It can transform into many things from a table, to a footrest, to even a guest sleeper bed.

You can move it around in your house to different places and set it up with a few simple steps in a matter of seconds. It's no wonder why Ottomans are one of the most popular furniture pieces in the world.

Where Ottoman Design Originates From

If you have heard of the Ottoman Empire, then you can guess it's named after the Ottomans, present day Turkey. Merchants and travelers found a liking to how simplistic but yet versatile a particular piece of furniture the Ottomans used.

During the Victorian era it found itself in lounges and social clubs and it came to be referred to as an Ottoman, the place where it originated from.

What Makes A Good Ottoman Furniture?


If you have heard the saying, you get what you pay for, then it can ring true for most of the Ottoman furniture you will find.

Some recommended brands are:

Their sturdiness and use of quality materials are sought after and hundreds of people have left good reviews of their purchase and their experience with the product.


You want to buy non-rust alloy steel for the frame. Iron is a good choice too and can hold more weight up to 400-500 pounds, but the furniture itself can become heavier if you opt for iron.

If you won't be putting a lot of stress or load on the ottoman, then steel is a better choice as it lasts longer, is more durable, and relatively lighter than iron, which means you can move around your home a bit more easily.

You might want to check Different Styles of Ottoman Furniture for more information.


There are all kinds of fabric that an ottoman can come with. The most common are:

  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Velvet

Leather is one of the most common used materials. There are faux leather choices for animal rights conscious individuals, but the reason why leather is a common fabric material is because how easier it is to clean and maintain. Some people like the smell of leather and leather goes well both in casual home environments as well as a more professional office environment.

Linen is a breathable type of material that doesn't cause allergies as it is made from natural materials. It's environmentally friendly and good for health, which is why it's another popular choice for a lot of furniture. You can read more of the advantages on Etnodim. However, linen fabric can be expensive and is tends to wrinkle more easily.

Polyester is another popular fabric material used for making ottomans. It's cheaper because it's synthetic, is more durable, and doesn't wrinkle as easily. However, it's not as breathable as linen and stains are harder to remove from the fabric.

And lastly there is velvet. Velvet looks very elegant and aesthetic. It's perfect for weddings or if you want something of a royal and regal feel. However, while it looks nice, it attracts a lot of dust and is harder to maintain and clean.

Color selection

Usually gray works best with most furniture, but depending on your color scheme, you have a wide selection of colors to choose from.

The most popular colors that go well with almost any environment are beige, white, and gray. However use your discretion and choose whatever color that will go well with your environment.


People have had ottoman furniture for years and they still work just fine. Simple storage ottomans or ottoman tables last a pretty long time and you can even fix them yourself if the fabric gets torn or if you want to change the cushion.

For convertible ottomans however, the thing you have to keep in mind when shopping for ottomans are the spring and the main frame.

Is the main frame made out of quality steel or iron?

Is the spring and locks made with quality bolts and screws?

These are the 2 main questions to ask yourself when shopping around.

You will have to oil and grease them once every year or so to maintain proper function if you want the ottoman to not make any noises when folding and setting up.


The more functions the ottoman has the more likely it will break or wear down easily, so be mindful of what exactly you need the ottoman for. Do you simply need a chair that has a storage? Then there are plenty of simple ottomans for that purpose. You don't need to buy a convertible ottoman that can turn into a bed or a table.

However, if you actually need a furniture that saves space while having multiple functions then 3 in 1 or 5 in 1 etc ottomans might be something that you should consider buying.

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