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If you have not given ottoman furniture a try, this holiday season is the perfect time to try it. It's beautiful, elegant, versatile, with so many things that you can do with it.

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Your home is one of the most sacred places, so it makes sense to decorate it and make it look as beautiful as possible. Follow the tips down below to make the best out of your interior design and spice up your environment.

Why Ottoman Chairs?

First and foremost ottoman chairs are incredibly versatile. You can fold it into many different things without much hassle and move it around your house. If guests come over, you can move it to your living room, kitchen, or wherever you will need it.

It's fairly cheap and affordable. Unlike other furniture pieces that will cost you fortune just to get the matching pieces, which can cost up to $2000, with ottomans, you can spend $300 or so and get a chair, table, stool, footrest, and even bed.

The bed can be used as a guest sleeper for when people come over, and when you are not using it, you can just tuck it away and put it in a room that's away from sight.

Material and Design of Ottomans

There are all kinds of designs and colors you can choose from. Many brands offer variety of colors with different kinds of materials such as polyester, linen, velvet, leather, faux leather, upholstered fabric, etc.

The choice is up to you. One of the most commonly used materials with ottomans are polyester, linen, and leather.

If you want something that is durable and will last a while, then linen or polyester might be a better choice as you can wash them and clean them a bit more easily and they are slightly more eco-friendly.

Leather does look great and is a popular material for many buyers, but for some animal rights conscious individuals, it might not be the best choice. Leather also costs a bit more, but if you don't mind the cost and the implications, then by all means leather can look great.

There all kinds of designs and shapes of ottomans. From square shapes to oval, to rectangular. Some have storage, some are light, some have multiple functions and uses, so it depends what you are looking for.

Storage ottomans are commonly used in many households and is rather affordable. It can serve as a stool, a coffee table, a footrest, and a storage piece. For $50 or so you are getting a pretty good deal.

Best Place to Put an Ottoman

Ottomans are great for small cramped spaces such as studio apartments, but they are also great for bedrooms, living rooms, and the basement.

If you will be putting it in the living room, then in the middle of the living room between your sofa and TV is a good place. Otherwise somewhere near a doorway or an end table.

If in a bedroom, you can fold it into a reading chair for relaxing and doing some leisurely activity. There are many places and uses you can find for an ottoman so whatever you find is the best place, it really is up to you.

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