Best Meditation Chairs for Bad Knees


Having bad knees does not mean you can't get into the habit of meditating. In fact some people noted that meditation has helped with improving their overall health as a result of meditation.

Can You Do Meditation Poses With Bad Knees?

There are a few poses that are most commonly known.

  • Lotus position
  • Kneeling position
  • Relaxed

The kneeling position will most likely cause pain if you are going to be sitting on your feet, which is why a kneeling meditation chair is recommended for such people.

Lotus position requires flexibility and practice to get into, but it won't cause as much problems as the kneeling position, but please listen to your body. If you feel pain, take it slow and don't force yourself.

At the end of the day, you don't even need a bench or a stool. You can simply lie on your back or sit in a traditional way on a chair. You can perfectly get good meditation sessions without fancy equipment.

Our Recommendations

However, a good chair definitely improves the overall experience and helps with getting into flow or the zone as we might call it.

FOM Chair With Back Support

FOM Chair With Back Support

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For the best comfort, try this meditation chair. You can carry it around with you without any problems. There is ample cushioning and padding with back support, for people with bad knees it's the perfect choice.



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