What are the Pros and Cons of Ottoman Beds?


Ottoman beds are a convenient piece of furniture in the home. They provide the much-needed storage in every home innovatively and compactly, especially if you live in a small space.

However, just like any other piece of innovation, ottoman beds have their downside. Below, we explain both the pros and cons of ottoman beds.

Pros of Ottoman Beds

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The pros of ottoman beds outweigh the cons. We discuss them below:

Massive Storage

This is the biggest pro and most outstanding feature of the ottoman bed. If you buy one, you will be surprised at how much you can keep in the storage space under the bed. A good comparison is that an ottoman bed can store up to four times as much as a regular four-drawer divan.

Easy Storage Access

One of the main questions people who want to buy ottoman beds ask is how the bed will be lifted to access the storage. The good news is that ottoman beds are easy to lift as most of them are fitted with gas lift hydraulic arms that can easily move up and down as needed. To top it all up, most of these beds are built with quality wood and can easily withstand time's test.

Stylish and Contemporary


Unlike traditional storage beds that were dull and lacking in style, modern storage beds are beautiful and stylish. Manufacturers have redefined the designs, and now, these beds are visually pleasing and come in a wide range of styles. So whether you want a traditional chesterfield style or a more modern art deco influenced ottoman bed, there is something for you.

Help You Get Organized

Since these beds have ample storage space, they can help you keep your bedroom or other rooms organized. Furthermore, the storage is under the bed and cannot be seen, making your room feel streamlined.



As we already mentioned above, there are some cons to having an ottoman bed. We discuss them below:


Ottoman beds are convenient. However, convenience always comes at a cost. These beds are more costly for manufacturers than regular beds, and this expense is transferred to the buyer.

Difficulty to Move

These beds can be difficult to move due to their build. Furthermore, the bed will become heavy and difficult to move as soon as the under-bed storage fills up.


Most of these beds come packaged, and you will need to assemble them yourself. While some people can assemble these beds easily, it may be difficult for you if you are inexperienced.

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Are Ottoman Beds Worth It?

Yes, ottoman beds are definitely worth it. While they may be costly and difficult to move when all the storage is used up, the pros outweigh the cons. They offer convenient storage.

They are stylish and modern, quality and they also last longer. If you are looking for a thoughtful addition to your bedroom space, the ottoman bed will do it for you.

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